I am singing in a choir and also would choose to understand what"s the distinction between the 2 regulates ritenuto and also ritardancarry out. I understand also the word meaning but not quite the various dealing with.

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I would also favor to understand the abbreviation c.p.

The nlinux.org item we are functioning on is Carmina Burana (Carl Orff). To my great astonishment, it occurs so frequently in the score that consecutive measures are not the exact same as one would commonly discover in a score. Can anybody talk about that structural specificity, as to understand also the suggest behind?

Many Thanks.



Definitions taken from here, thought they did a good task explaining the difference.


Ritardando is progressive.

ritardando, ritard., rit.: slowing down; decelerating; oppowebsite of accelerandoRitenuto is different bereason of its sudden oncollection.

ritenuto, riten., rit.: suddenly slower, held ago (generally even more so but even more temporarily than a ritardando, and also it may, unlike ritardanperform, apply to a single note); opposite of accelerato



It"s a tricky question whether the original Italian definition is relevant in knowledge subtle distinctions in definitions, however sometimes it appears useful.

Ritardando simply suggests "coming to be slower". You might maybe image a rolling ball that slowly loses speed bereason of friction.

Ritenuto suggests "hosted back" - somepoint outside is bring about a slow-dvery own. Think probably of a waggon-driver pulling on a horse"s head by means of the reins.


Both are commonly abbreviated to "rit." The distinction is subtle, to say the least. To a choir member, they both intend "Watch the conductor even more than usual".

Poco implies little, Poco Piu, little bit by little bit. Ritenuto is the opposite of Sostenuto, Sostenuto means Sustained and Rituneto implies the oppowebsite, detached.

The word Ritardanexecute more than likely has the same ancient beginnings as the English word Retard and as terrible as it may sound Ritardanexecute is likewise just a tiny little bit slow-moving ie Gradually getting sreduced.

Poco Ritenuto would certainly expect you"re are taking a little little ameans from the singing, not completely 100 percent, you are withholding a tiny bit of the gutso.

With Poco Ritardanexecute it is just an extremely slight tempo change, you are not singing any type of much less powercompletely, you can still provide it the correct heave-ho if you are simply singing progressively slower.

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