memoirs devoted to accounts of his amours in her memoirs the diva candidly recalls her amours through some of opera"s best-known tenors and baritones

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Recent Examples on the Internet Your language of love is French: There really is somepoint around amour and French food. — Emily Deletter, The Enquirer, 10 Aug. 2021 Shy loner August falls head over heels for uber-cool commuter Jane—just to discover that her amour fou is actually trapped in the New York submeans device, circa 1970. — Emma Specter, Vogue, 7 July 2021 The significant paints theatricalize stperiods of adolescent amour—stood up to seduction, furtive intimacy, triumphant union, and subsequent nostalgia—among young world at court that were given nopoint to perform in life except to dress up and also to play at love. — Peter Schjeldahl, The New Yorker, 8 Feb. 2021 But while the bucks and does of Cook and also Lake Counties actively pursue one one more to produce their very own little bit Bambis, the amour can create hazard for chauffeurs. — Lisa Cisneros,, 31 Oct. 2019 Paris The funding of amour lives approximately its name, at leastern for traveling females. — Larry Bleiberg, USA TODAY, 19 Jan. 2018 David Parnes and also Adriana Abnosi tied the knot in the nation of amour on Sunday. — Yvonne Juris,, 23 July 2017

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History and also Etymology for amour

Center English amour, amoure "affection, love in between the sexes, spiroutine love," obtained from Anglo-French amur, amour, ameur (likewise continental Old French), going ago to Latin amōr-, amor "affection, liking, love, sex-related passion, illicit or homosexual passion," from am-, base of amāre "to have actually affection for, love, be in love, make love to" + -ōr-, -or, abstract noun sufsolve (going earlier to *-ōs) — more at amateur

Note: The regular outcome of Latin amor in modern-day French have to be *ameur, not amour, and also the discrepancy has been explained in a number of ways: as re-formation after the adjective amoureux "amorous"; as because of the influence of Anglo-French; as the outcome of -ō- in the dialect of medieval eastern Champagne, a far-ranging courtly center; as a semantic split, ameur being minimal to the feeling "rutting seakid of ungulates"; as due to the affect of ecclesiastical Latin. Probably the many well-known hypothesis sees amour as a borrowing from Old Occitan, due to the affect of troubador verse.

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— Both the current contemporary definitions and the English pronunciation with tension on the second syllable are presumably as a result of reborrowing from French.