(screws plural & 3rd perboy present) (screwing current participle) (screwed past tense & previous participle )

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1  n-count A screw is a steel object similar to a nail, through a raised spiral line about it. You rotate a screw making use of a screwdriver so that it goes through two things, for example two pieces of lumber, and fas10s them together. Each bracket is solved to the wall via just 3 screws.  
2  verb 
If you screw somepoint somewright here or if it screws somewright here, you settle it in area by indicates of a screw or screws. I had screwed the shelf on the wall myself...  V n prep Screw dvery own any type of loose floorboards...  V n through adv I particularly prefer the type of shelving that screws to the wall.  V prep/adv 
3  adj 
A screw lid or fitting is one that has actually a increased spiral line on the inside or outside of it, so that it have the right to be solved in place by twisting. ADJ n ordinary jam jar via a screw lid.  
4  verb 
If you screw something somewhere or if it screws somewhere, you deal with it in area by twisting it round and also round. Kelly screwed the silencer onto the pistol...  V n prep Screw down the lid fairly tightly...  V n via adv ...several aluminium poles that screw together to provide a maximum length of 10 yards.  V prep/adv 
5  verb 
If you screw something such as a piece of paper into a ball, you squeeze it or twist it tightly so that it is in the form of a round.  (BRIT) He screwed the paper right into a ball and also tossed it right into the fire.  V n right into n in AM, use crush  
6  verb 
If you screw your challenge or your eyes right into a certain expression, you tighten the muscles of your face to develop that expression, for instance because you are in pain or bereason the light is also bright. He screwed his face into an expression of mock pain.  V n right into n 
8  verb 
Some world usage screw in expressions such as screw you or screw that to present that they are not involved about someone or somepoint or that they feel contempt for them. RUDE only imper  (feelings) 
9  verb 
If someone claims that they have been screwed, they expect that someone else has cheated them, especially by gaining money from them dishonestly. INFORMAL, RUDE usu passive They haven"t provided us exact indevelopment. We"ve been screwed...  be V-ed 
10  verb 
If someone screws something, specifically money, out of you, they obtain it from you by placing push on you.  (greatly BRIT) INFORMAL For decades well-off countries have been screwing money out of poor countries.  V n out of n 
11 If you rotate or tighten the screwon someone, you increase the push which is already on them, for instance by making use of threats, in order to pressure them to execute a specific point. ♦turn/tighten the screw(s) on someone 
 phrase V and N inflect, oft PHR on n Parisian taxi drivers are threatening to mount a blockade to rotate the screw on the federal government.  screw up 
1  phrasal verb If you screw up your eyes or your challenge, you tighten your eye or confront muscles, for instance because you are in pain or because the light is as well bideal. She had actually screwed up her eyes, as if she found the sunshine as well bappropriate...  V P n (not pron) Cshed your eyes and screw them up tight...  V n P His face screwed up in agony.  V P 
2  phrasal verb 
If you screw up a item of paper, you squeeze it tightly so that it becomes very creased and no longer level, normally once you are throwing it amethod.  (BRIT) He would begin writing to his family members and also would screw the letter up in frustration...  V n P He screwed up his first 3 efforts after just a line or 2.  V P n (not pron) in AM, use crush  
3  phrasal verb 
To screw somepoint up, or to screw up, suggests to reason somepoint to fail or be spoiled. INFORMAL You can not open up the home window bereason it screws up the air conditioning...  V P n (not pron) Get out. Haven"t you screwed points up enough already!...  V n P Somebody had screwed up; they weren"t tbelow.  V P 

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