1 : a item of writing that tells a story via the actions and words of characters and that is performed on a phase The play is based upon a real-life occasion. He created, directed, and also starred in the play. See More Examplesplays by Shakespeare His fifth grade course is placing on a play around the initially Thanksgiving. I"ve gone to every one of my daughter"s college plays. She"s currently adapting a stage play <=a play that is created to be percreated on a stage> for the massive display screen.Hide

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2 : tasks that are done particularly by children for fun or enjoyment The book discusses the role of play in a child"s breakthrough. imaginative play See More ExamplesAs the saying goes, "All work-related and also no play makes Jack a dull boy." a safe play location the sounds of youngsters at play <=the sounds of children playing>Hide
3 : the activity that happens during a game Please, no talking throughout play. Rain hosted up play for an hour. See More ExamplesThe chess match lastly finished after three hours of play. The 2 golfers were tied at the begin of play yesterday. We were surprised with/by the other team"s level/high quality of play.Hide
4a(1) : an act, method, or manner of proceeding : maneuver that was a play to acquire your fingerprints— Erle Stanley Gardner
b(1) : the state of being active, operative, or relevant various other motives sudepend come right into play— M. R. Cohen several problems are at play
(3) : free or unimpeded movement (as of a component of a machine) likewise : the size or meacertain of such activity
5 : emphasis or publicity especially in the news media wished the country got a better play in the Amerihave the right to press— Hugh MacLennan
6 : a move or series of moves calculated to arouse friendly feelings —generally offered via make made a large play for the girl— Will Hermale
b : to have actually sex-related connections especially : to have actually promiscuous or illicit sexual relations —generally provided in the phrase play around
(5) : to exploit double interpretation or of the similarity of sound of 2 words for stylistic or humorous result
d : to act with distinct consideration so regarding acquire favor, approval, or sympathy might play to famous prejudices to serve his political ends— V. L. Parrington —regularly supplied in the phrase play up to
(4) : to act so as to prove helpful to an additional —typically supplied in the expression play right into the hands of
c : to put into action in a game specifically : to remove (a playing card) from one"s hand also and location typically faceup on a table in one"s revolve either as part of a scoring combination or as one"s contribution to a trick
e : to straight the course of (somepoint, such as a ball) : hit played a wedge swarm to the green additionally : to cause (a round or puck) to rebound played the sphere off the backboard
(2) : to cause the tape-recorded sound or image of (somepoint, such as a record, optical disk, or a digital file) to be recreated

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playcapability ˌplā-​ə-​ˈbi-​lə-​tē noun
playable ˈplā-​ə-​bəl adjective

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fun, jest, sport, game, play expect activity or speech that offers amusement or arooffers laughter. fun normally means laughter or gaiety yet might imply just a lack of significant or ulterior function. played cards simply for fun jest indicates lack of earnestness and also might imply a hoaxing or teasing. hurt by remarks shelp just in jest sport applies particularly to the aromaking use of of laughter against someone. teasing started in sport led to anger game is close to sport, and also frequently stresses mischievous or malicious fun. made game of their negative relationships play stresses the opplace to earnest without implying any type of malice or mischief. pretended to strangle his brvarious other in play

Noun The play is based on a real-life occasion. He wrote, directed, and starred in the play. His fifth grade class is putting on a play around the initially Thanksgiving. I"ve gone to every one of my daughter"s college plays. The book discusses the duty of play in a child"s development. As the saying goes, “All work and also no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Please, no talking throughout play. Rain organized up play for an hour. The chess match finally finished after 3 hrs of play. The two golfers were tied at the start of play yesterday. Verb The children were playing in the yard. Can Sara come out and play? He played by himself in his room. Did you play any kind of sporting activities in high school? No one dares to play chess through him. The youngsters were playing hide-and-look for. I have a chess set. Do you desire to play? It"s your turn to play. She hurt her wrist but chose to continue playing. He played in eincredibly significant tournament this year.
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Recent Instances on the Web: Noun At the end of the day, the league wants to see the game come down to the last play. — Brad Biggs, chicagotribune.com, 22 Aug. 2021 Wallace captured a pair of passes from Huntley on the Ravens’ go-ahead touchdown drive, turning one play uparea for a 25-yard obtain. — Childs Walker, baltimoresunlight.com, 22 Aug. 2021 After the fourth play of the Falcons’ third possession, McCarron was examined on the field by the Atlanta training staff. — Mark Inabinett | Minabinett
al.com, al, 22 Aug. 2021 The students and coaches will certainly have to obtain at leastern one dose prior to the begin of competitive play, de Blasio said on radio terminal WNYC. — BostonGlobe.com, 22 Aug. 2021 Anvarious other positive authorize is how the team didn’t need to waste timeouts because players lined up erroneously or tright here were troubles communicating play calls to the quarterbacks. — Terry Pluto, cleveland, 22 Aug. 2021 The Huskies provided up 8.8 per play, almost enough for a first dvery own on eextremely snap. — Dom Amore, courant.com, 22 Aug. 2021 But excellent play architecture to obtain Corey complimentary on the sideline. — Andy Vasquez, USA TODAY, 22 Aug. 2021 Anvarious other positive development came in the create of Rock Ya-Sin"s play at cornerago. — Jim Ayello, The Indianapolis Star, 22 Aug. 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb The Browns play their last preseason game on Sunday night in Atlanta at 8 p.m. — Dan Labbe, cleveland, 23 Aug. 2021 Those groups were schedubrought about play in the 2020 Little Organization Classic, yet it was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. — Noah Trister, ajc, 23 Aug. 2021 Bradley-Wideal Phillips fired Columbus in front via less than 20 minutes to play at Lower.com Field in a reenhance of last season"s MLS Cup finale yet Seattle stormed earlier late and took all 3 points from the Crew. — Pat Brennan, The Enquirer, 23 Aug. 2021 Should the grandyoungsters arrive for a visit, there"s a pool, stuffed bear factory, and plenty of means to play at Suncadia. — Patricia Doherty, Travel + Leisure, 22 Aug. 2021 They would certainly get booked to play at Rebecca’s (nightclub) in Birmingham, but had no principle exactly how to obtain there! — George Varga, San Diego Union-Tribune, 22 Aug. 2021 At 6 feet 5, with long arms and also huge feet, junior Baxter Chelsom of Studio City Harvard-Westlake has uncovered the perfect position to play in water polo. — Eric Sondheimer Columnist, Los Angeles Times, 22 Aug. 2021 Major Organization Baseball announced the Red Sox and Orioles are scheduled to play in the Little League Standard at 7 p.m. on Aug. 21, 2022 in Williamsport, Pa. — BostonGlobe.com, 22 Aug. 2021 Betos had been battling a stomach flu and left the game complaining of dizziness and also figured out not to weaken her team by proceeding to play in a diminished condition. — Tim Sullivan, The Courier-Journal, 22 Aug. 2021

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First Knvery own Use of play


before the 12th century, in the interpretation characterized at sense 1a


before the 12th century, in the definition identified at intransitive sense 1a

History and also Etymology for play


Center English, from Old English plega; akin to Old English plegan to play, Middle Dutch pleyen