1 : to get knowledge or ability by studying, practicing, being taught, or enduring something People learn throughout their lives. He is learning easily. See More ExamplesI can not swim yet, yet I"m learning. learn arithmetic learn a trade She"s interested in learning French. We had actually to learn the rules of the game.Hide

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2 : to cause (something) to be in your memory by examining it : memorize I"m trying to learn my lines for the play. We had to learn the names of the state capitals. learn the alphabet
3 : to hear or be told (something) : to discover out (something) She learned through/from a letter that her father had actually passed away. I later learned that they had never before called. See More ExamplesI was surprised when I learned (that) he wasn"t coming. We lastly learned the truth around what had actually occurred.Hide
1a(1) : to obtain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by examine, instruction, or suffer learn a trade learned to play chess

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learnable ˈlər-​nə-​bəl


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find, asspecific, identify, unearth, learn intend to discover out what one did not previously recognize. find may use to something requiring expedition or examination or to a possibility encounter. discovered the source of the river asparticular implies initiative to find the facts or the reality proceeding from awareness of ignorance or uncertainty. attempts to ascertain the population of the region recognize emphasizes the intent to create the facts certainly or precisely. unable to determine the origin of the word unearth suggests bringing to light something forgained or surprise. unearth old documents learn might imply getting knowledge through little bit effort or aware intention (as by sindicate being told) or it may indicate research and practice. I learned her name only now learning Greek

Can learn mean teach?: Usage Guide

Learn in the sense of "teach" dates from the 13th century and was conventional till at leastern the early on 1ninth. made them drunk via true Hollands—and then learned them the art of making bargains — Washington Irving But by Mark Twain"s time it was receding to a speech create connected chiefly through the less educated. never done nothing for three months however set in his ago yard and also learn that frog to jump — Mark Twain The contemporary condition of learn has actually not increased. This usage persists in speech, however in composing it shows up largely in the representation of such speech or its deliberate imitation for effect.

People learn throughout their resides. I can"t swim yet, yet I"m learning. She"s interested in learning French. We had to learn the rules of the game. I"m trying to learn my lines for the play. We had actually to learn the names of the state capitals. She learned via a letter that her father had passed away. I later learned that they had never referred to as. We ultimately learned the truth around what had occurred.
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Recent Instances on the Net Now scientists are working to learn just how well vaccines stand approximately the omicron variant. — Marina Starleaf Riker, San Antonio Express-News, 30 Nov. 2021 The student organization strives to educate youngsters in impoverished nations who wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to learn by building libraries to assist create a much better setting for children. — Lindsey Tellez / Special To El Sentinel, orlandosentinel.com, 30 Nov. 2021 High schoolers have to learn on their own at residence at some point eexceptionally week while their teachers offer three hours of virtual office hrs for students who need them. — oregonlive, 30 Nov. 2021 One thing that often holds ago the usage of A.I. in industry is the lack of real-human being training information and also training settings in wbelow an A.I. mechanism have the right to safely learn. — Jeremy Kahn, Fortune, 30 Nov. 2021 This year has been different, as both teams vowed to learn from the lessons of last summer and have greatly negotiated out of the public’s eye. — James Wagner, New York Times, 30 Nov. 2021 Durryle Brooks was shocked to learn that roughly one in three Black gay and also bisex-related young guys 15 to 24 years old reported experiencing intimate companion violence. — Stephanie García, baltimoresunlight.com, 30 Nov. 2021 The girls take a trip to Pleasure Point — coming from as cshed as Live Oak and as far as Seaside — to learn how to ride waves and also the huge ecodevice of Monterey Bay. — Justin Ray, Los Angeles Times, 30 Nov. 2021 Read on to learn exactly how to make your own Christmas accessories utilizing resin. — Sarah Martens, Better Homes & Gardens, 30 Nov. 2021

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History and also Etymology for learn

Center English lernen, from Old English leornian; akin to Old High Gerguy lernēn to learn, Old English last footprint, Latin lira furrow, track