done, arranged, and so on., in order to work out a grudge: The middleweight fight was sassist to be a grudge complement.

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to give or permit through reluctance; submit to unwillingly: The various other team grudged us eincredibly point we scored.
to resent out the great fortune of (another); begrudge: A lot of human being grudge those billionaires all that money.
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First videotaped in 1400–50; late Middle English grudgen, gruggen, variant of gruchen, from Old French gro(u)c(h)ier, from Germanic; compare Middle High Germale grogezen “to complain, cry out”
1. Grudge, malice, spite describe ill will certainly hosted against another or others. A grudge is a feeling of resentment harbored because of some genuine or fancied wrong: to host a grudge bereason of jealousy; She has actually a grudge against him. Malice is the state of mind that delights in doing harm, or seeing injury done, to others, whether expushing itself in an attempt seriously to injure or merely in sardonic humor: malice in watching someone's embarrassment; to tell lies about someone out of malice. Spite is petty, and also regularly sudden, resentment that manifests itself generally in trifling retaliations: to disclose an enigma out of spite.


grudgeless, adjectivegrudger, nounun·grudged, adjective

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What does grudge mean?

A grudge is a feeling of anger, bitterness, or resentment towards someone for something they did, especially a wrong that you think they committed against you.

The word grudge is commonly supplied to refer to such a feeling as soon as it has actually been hosted for a long period of time—regularly longer than is considered normal.

For that factor, grudge is regularly offered in phrases prefer host a grudge, nurse a grudge, bear a grudge, and harbor a grudge. 

Grudges are generally directed toward civilization, however a perchild can host a grudge versus a team or an entity prefer a firm or organization. The word grudge is regularly adhered to by the word against and also whom or what the grudge is directed towards, as in Your father still holds a grudge versus that pizzeria for getting his order wrong that one time. 

A grudge match is a competition, such as a boxing complement, in between adversaries who have (or are portrayed as having) some particular, individual factor for being bitter rivals.

Less generally, grudge have the right to be supplied as a verb interpretation to resent or envy someone else’s good fortune, as in Don’t grudge them for their success. The connected verb begrudge have the right to be provided to mean the exact same point. Grudge deserve to also mean to provide or permit through reluctance or unwillingness, as in My company has actually grudged me eincredibly raise I have requested. The verb begrudge doesn’t necessarily intend the very same point as this sense of grudge. Specifically, begrudge often indicates to be reluctant to offer or allow—as opposed to definition to give or enable reluctantly.

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Example: She has actually held a grudge versus me ever considering that I beat her in the spelling bee in fifth grade.

The initially documents of the word grudge come from the 1400s. It originates from the Old French grouchier, which indicates “to grumble” and is likewise the basis of the word grouch. Grudge is probably concerned the Middle High Germale word grogezen, interpretation “to comsimple, cry out.”

When a perkid holds a grudge, it’s frequently due to treatment or an activity that’s taken into consideration unforgivable by the perchild holding the grudge. Typically this requires a personal slight (or regarded personal slight), but a perboy deserve to hold a grudge versus someone they don’t even understand. A lot of grudges are organized for petty reasons, consisting of points that the meant wrongdoer doesn’t even know that they did. The oppowebsite of holding a grudge have the right to be thought of as foroffering and forgetting (or letting it go).