A trademark for a document format for graphics, audio, and video information, commonly used for transmitting animation over the internet.

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6. Slang To think of or remember somepoint suddenly: flamelted on that time we obtained captured in the storm.
5. Slang Gaudy or ostentatious display: "The antique flash and also trash of an older southerly California have actually given means to a sleeker age of social hip" (Newsweek).
3. Of or relating to figures of quarterly economic development released by the government and topic to later on revision.
1. To endure a emotional flashback: She unexpectedly flaburned earlier to the minute as soon as the automobile hit her.
2. To employ a flashback as a narrative device: In the second chapter, the book flashes ago to the protagonist"s childhood.

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Synonyms: flash, gleam, glint, sparkle, glitter, glisten, glimmer, twinkle, scintillate These verbs mean to send forth light. Flash refers to a sudden and brilliant but short-lived outburst of light: A bolt of lightning flamelted across the horizon. Gleam suggests a transient or subdued light that often shows up against a dark background: "The light gleams an instant, then it"s night as soon as more" (Samuel Beckett). Glint uses to briefly gleaming or flashing light: "the fountain"s silver-painted swan glinted in the moonlight" (Kate Wheeler). Sparkle suggests a rapid succession of little flashes of high brilliance (crystal glasses sparkling in the candlelight), and also glitter, a similar succession of even greater intensity (jewels glittering in the display screen case). To glisten is to shine with a sparkling luster: The snow glistened in the dawn light. Glimmer refers to faint, fleeting light: "On the French shore the light / Gleams, and also is gone; the cliffs of England also stand also, / Glimmering and substantial, out in the serene bay" (Matthew Arnold). To twinkle is to shine through quick, intermittent flashes or gleams: "a few stars, twinkling faintly in the deep blue of the night sky" (Hugh Walpole). Scintillate is applied to what flashes as if emitting sparks in a continuous stream: "a dense, hoary mist of ammonium chloride ... depositing minute scintillating crystals on the windowpanes" (Primo Levi). See Also Synonyms at minute.
5. (Journalism & Publishing) Also called: newsflash a short news announcement concerning a new event
6. (Military) chiefly Also called: patch Brit an insignia or emblem worn on a unidevelop, automobile, etc, to identify its armed forces formation