I get the meaning of the original question (the possible influence of that to it) but have actually trouble expertise the framework of it.

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I'm more acquainted with "what does that have to perform with?" although the definition is very different...


There's a much better way to reararray the words: That has what to carry out through it. The question "What does that have to execute via it?" is a research to define just how "that" (information simply presented by the other person) is related to "it" (the issue being discussed); the perkid asking the question doesn't watch just how what was simply said/written/and so on is relevant.


That has actually what to do through it.

Now it makes sense! I had actually a tough time finding a correct area for "what" assuming that it was referring to either "that" or "it". But coexisting of "what" and also "that", or "what" and "it" didn't make a lot sense to me.

After seeing your answer of treating "what" as an independent component in the offered sentence, now I have the right to understand also the framework of the sentence and the much better definition of it. Thank you a lot!

In the sentence "what does that need to do via it?", what is the function of "what"? The answer would certainly be "That hregarding execute via it (what?)"

From the original context, it was:

(tright here was an accident) "Wbelow were you on the nigh of July 27?" "What does that have to execute via it?" Asked Milo. "It's my birthday, that's what," said the policeman as he gone into "Forgained my birthday" in his little book.

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And currently, I tried to fit "my birthday" into the original question sentence.

"My birthday(=July 27) has to carry out through the accident."

Is this correct?

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