I"m a young aboriginal nlinux.org speaker raised in Canada. At institution me and most of my friends tfinish to usage the phrase "Im really digging this", as to intend i"m really enjoying a certain thing or task. Where precisely did this come from?

I usage it all the moment in this context, however once I think about digging ( choose digging a hole, or digging yourself into a mess) I can"t really make sense of it in this conmessage.

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"You play that new game that just came out?"

"Yeah bro, im really digging it!"


From EtymOnline:

In 19c. U.S. student slang it meant "research difficult, offer a lot time to study" (1827); the 20c. slang sense of "understand" is videotaped by 1934 in African-Amerihave the right to vernacular. Both more than likely are based on the idea of "dig deep into." A slightly varied sense of "appreciate" arised by 1939.

So there were a few intermediate procedures between "digging a hole" and "digging a game". The straight connection is unintuitive, yet only bereason of the method the latter occurred.


It comes from Irish immigrants particularly in New York City. In the Irish language the phrase "An dtuigeann tú" equates to "carry out you unserstand". Dtuigeann being pronounced like "diggin" in Irish. Someexactly how with the years it made it"s was right into the urban black vernacular made famous my New York based jazz musicians.


I offer you my American Feedago and also say the term you explained is from the 70s. Jimmy Walker from Good Times used to say "DYNOMITE!" and DIGGING somepoint was extremely widespread in Amerihave the right to society in the 70"s to signify a wonderful time was had actually.


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