Hit the Ground Running Meaning

Definition: To go through complete speed from the very beginning; to seize an chance as conveniently as possible.

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Origin of Hit the Ground Running

The beginnings of this expression are unclear and also authorities differ on their feasible explanations. Tright here are 3 major theories.

The first is that it originates from troops in combat. They have to start running as shortly as they gain off a aircraft, train, or other automobile, so that they don’t acquire swarm. It is believed that in World War II, paratroopers were given this command also regarding what to perform as soon as they landed.

The second theory is that it comes from hobos and stowameans on a train. They need to begin to run as shortly as they jump from the train, so that they don’t acquire recorded.

The 3rd concept is that it originates from the Pony Express. This was an early means to provide mail by horseago in America. The riders had to be rapid so they would certainly ride their equines conveniently and “hit the ground running” when altering to a fresh equine in order to avoid delays.

However before it began, the expression observed a surge in popularity in the 1970s and has actually seen widespcheck out usage ever before since.

Examples of Hit the Ground Running

Here is an example of a math professor utilizing the expression via a student that newly got earlier to institution after being in the hospital for a few weeks.

Student: Hello, Mrs. Cooper. I wanted to ask you about the material that I missed while in the hospital.

Teacher: Of course! Are you feeling okay?

Student: Yes, I’m feeling much better, give thanks to you.

Teacher: Well, right here is all the homework-related that was assigned while you were gone, and these are the pages that we covered in the book. Due to the fact that you were gone for so lengthy, I have the right to offer you some extra time to capture up.

Student: No, that’s okay. I’d rather simply start doing what the other students are doing best amethod. I don’t desire to fall more behind.

Teacher: Are you sure? You’d really have to hit the ground running. We have a test coming up in a few days, so you’d need to research many material really quickly.

Student: That’s okay. I can perform it.

In this example, 2 friends are mentioning the soccer team they are both on.

Monica: Thanks for agreeing to sign up with the team. When the various other womale hurt her ankle we really essential an added player. Have you ever before played before?

Janice: I’ve never before played soccer before, but I recognize the rules. Also, I’ve done many various other sports my whole life, so I need to have the ability to hit the ground running.

Monica: I hope so. The team is pretty competitive!

More Examples

This excerpt is around a hockey player that would certainly should begin playing well extremely conveniently.

The second excerpt is about just how one perchild had actually to start his brand-new task exceptionally conveniently after one more perkid resigned.

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The idiom hit the ground running means to start somepoint instantly and also to start it with urgency.


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