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Today, while I was listening to a song (Fort Minor - Welcome), I heard the complying with sentence:

I kinda hit it and quit it and also left ya"ll hanging

One of the definitions I discovered w/ Google translator:

Golpear un poco y lo pararon e izquierda le cuelga.

I don"t recognize if that"s the correct interpretation.



The phrases he uses are greatly idiomatic and are not likely to be translated wnlinux.org by an automatic business.

Hit it and quit it is slang that suggests something favor "To have a sexual enrespond to for physical gratification, and part company via the other companion instantly after that." That is probably not what the singer literally indicates, given the conmessage of the remainder of the lyrics; he"s most likely using it in an extra basic metaphorical feeling of "I did somepoint, then did not follow up on it."

To leave someone hanging implies to leave them waiting for the complete or continuation of something.

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So Damkerng"s assessment is pretty a lot on-target: Ft Minor is apologizing for having done something but then not complied with up on it, thereby having actually left the listeners waiting for even more.


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