Recent Instances on the Web: Noun The Trump administration particularly left Biden via some difficult choices in a strategy that left the US via a skeleton garrikid and poisoned connections via Kabul by negotiating through the Taliban behind the government"s back. — Stephen Collinkid, CNN, 19 Aug. 2021 In the 1880s, a small boy named Douglas MacArthur, the future basic, witnessed one external the armed forces garriboy his father commanded in New Mexico. — Los Angeles Times, 20 July 2021 Still, the method the garrison takes care of its functions is also up for re-evaluation, Druell sassist. — James Whitlow,, 11 June 2021 The first necessary event took place on September 1, 1939, as soon as the battleship Schleswig-Holstein maneuvered into the Vistula River and started shelling the Polish garrichild at Westerplatte, simply northwest of the city. — Timothy O"grady, Condé Nast Traveler, 7 June 2021 Maurice Latimer seized a crucial outarticle on Walcheren in the Netherlands by tricking the Nazi garrikid tbelow. — Leah Garrett, CNN, 30 May 2021 President Biden’s response, in April, was final: All Amerihave the right to pressures other than for an embassy garrichild will be gone by Sept. 11. — New York Times, 29 June 2021 About 10,000 army personnel and also civilians work-related at the garrison, which includes around 1,300 acres in the city of Frederick. — Fox News, 7 Apr. 2021 Druell, that is heading to South Carolina for a brand-new posting as defense chief via Military Central G36 at Shaw Air Force Base, came to be APG’s garrikid commander in June of 2019. — David Anderkid,, 23 June 2021 Recent Instances on the Web: Verb Chinese troops have been garrisoned in Hong Kong because its handover to Chinese preeminence in 1997, but the PLA has historically maintained a really low profile. — James Griffiths, CNN, 26 May 2020 Within four years, with Roosevelt currently in the White Housage, American troops arrived to garriboy the Isthmus of Panama, wbelow the USA, employing substantial chicanery, was setting out to build a canal. — Anattracted J. Bacevich, Harper"s magazine, 2 Mar. 2020 The assaults have actually additionally spilled into Niger, a vast desert nation that Western powers have been garrisoning into among the world’s many strategic security hubs. — Nick Kostov, WSJ, 2 Feb. 2020 One way to make sure genuine estate transforms hands in simply one direction would be by garrisoning friendly area with mobile anti-ship missiles. — Kyle Mizokami, Popular Mechanics, 19 Jan. 2020 According to the Telegraph’s Mike Wideal, the fort likely offered as a satellite of Isca Dumnoniorum, a military fortification garrisoned by 5,500 legionaries tasked via pacifying the fiercely resisting local populaces in the region. — Meilan Solly, Smithsonian, 27 Sep. 2019 The Syrian troops garrisoned tright here were well-equipped and dug in. — The Economist, 6 June 2019 A few days later, previous midnight, a dozen outgunned American ships, including Juneau, intercepted a Japanese armada approaching the island also to bombard its crucial airarea and the beleaguered U.S. Marines garrisoned tbelow. — Chris Stirewalt, Fox News, 25 May 2018 Brennan’s version of Moscow is Vershinin (a charismatic Chiké Johnson), commander of the troops garrisoned in town and also quixotic seeker – in a play filled via them, each one given texture by Brown’s excellent ensemble – for the meaning of presence. — Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 14 Aug. 2017

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First Known Use of garrison


15th century, in the interpretation identified at feeling 1


1569, in the interpretation identified at sense 1

History and also Etymology for garrison


Middle English garisoun "wealth, gift, tribute, security, strengthened place, body of soldiers," borrowed from Anglo-French garisun "protection, cure, earnings, provides," from garir "to assistance, defend, cure" (going earlier to Old Low Franconian *warjan "to safeguard, proccasion," going earlier to Germanic *warjan-) + -isun, deverbal noun sufdeal with, going back to Latin -ītiōn-, -ītiō, from -ī-, verb stem formative + -tiōn-, -tiō, sufdeal with of verbal activity — even more at weir

Note: The Middle English sense "fortified place, body of soldiers" shows confusion through Center English garnisoun and Anglo-French garnisun "fortified location, body of armed guys stationed in such a location," from Anglo-French garnir "to provide notice, equip, arm, fortify" (watch garnish entry 1) + the very same sufresolve checked out in garisunlight.