In the game Gears of War, Soldiers are referred to as Gears while the army team they serve is referred to as the Cog.

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My dad asked me the definition of these as soon as he was playing, I told them that most likely Gears was to refer to the soldiers as being Gears in the machine dubbed War while Cog was the Acronym Coalition Of Gears considering that that"s what they kinda were.

But I"m wondering if tright here is a canon source regarding the meaning of Gears and Cogs in Gears of War.


A few seconds through Google provided me the Wikia page which claims COG means Coalition of Ordered Governments.

Your concept on Gears was ideal - Wikia says:

The term originates from the rotating machine which signifies the unity of the COG and the area of the Gear.

"I shall hold my location in the machine and acexpertise my place in the Coalition. I am a Gear."— Oath of the COG



Might describe the mechanical partnership of a smaller "cog" driving a bigger "gear" - the cog offers the catalyst, the gear gives the force.



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