Brandon D. Richardkid, Barbie Besse-Morris and also Tom Agustino (left)

Jay Perry, Hope Foster and also Geoff Oliver (right)

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Brandon D. Richardson
Director, Rich Kid Marketing and Promotions "It"s an extremely excellent song, huge in clubs and huge on radio, and also tright here is a meaning: It"s prefer once you"re clean and also you"re kinda pimpish, you wipe yourself off. You"re wipin" away the haters, the ones that"s hatin" on your game or tryin" to step on your toes. That"s what it"s about. There"s nothing more behind it -- no dandruff, no nothin"." Barbie Besse-Morris Housewife "There"s most likely a covert meaning to that song, and also I"m not certain I also desire to go tbelow. It can be a woguy that he"s trying to get off his earlier, and also he"s calling "dirt." That"s typically what guys are talking about anymethod when they perform that type of song."
Tom Agustino
Trainee, Buckingham Palace Guard Academy "It"s around being envied. You pull up in a nice car, they see you via a nice girl, and also they begin talkin" shit about you and that"s what you should brush off your shoulders. There"s no reason to talk negative around anybody, no factor to treatment around what other human being think. All that"s necessary is what you think about yourself." Jay Perry Barber/Owner, Nappy Roots Unisex Salon "He"s sayin" if you"re a pimp, go on, brush your shoulders off. You have the right to be a pimp in your project. You have the right to be a pimp as soon as it pertains to relationships -- women are pimps, also. If you"re feelin" that method, go on and also brush your shoulders off. You floss a lot, you got a nice ride, you spend money around town, you"re a big-timer, so you brush your shoulders off, dig? He"s not talkin" around dandruff, I"m pretty certain." Hope Foster Sandwich Maker, Submeans in the Loop "I do not like that song, do not choose the beat or the lyrics, and I don"t prefer Jay-Z. I prefer Nelly and also Chingy." Geoff Oliver Massage Therapist "Some have actually speculated that it"s around being a rehabber, functioning in these old dwellings through all that falling plaster. But I think it is a dandruff song, a tiny tune that his mama taught him as soon as he was young to remind him to brush the dandruff and lint off his shoulders when he saw college, and currently he"s made it in to a hip-hop song. Some people think of dandruff as "dirt.""

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