3 : the allude of sharpest curvature in a route (such as that complied with by a transforming vehicle) a driver hitting the apex as he races roughly a corner At the apex of the turn his rear wheels reportedly came unstuck from the oil-drenched groove.— Robert F. Jones

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summit, optimal, pinnacle, climax, apex, acme, culmicountry expect the highest allude attained or attainable. summit indicates the topthe majority of level attainable. at the summit of the Victorian social scene height suggests the highest possible among various other high points. an artist working at the peak of her powers pinnacle says a dizzying and also regularly insecure elevation. the pinnacle of worldly success climax means the highest point in an ascending series. the war was the climax to a collection of hostile actions apex means the allude wright here all ascending lines converge. the apex of Dutch society acme indicates a level of top quality representing the perfection of a point. a statue that was once understood the acme of beauty culmination argues the outcome of a expansion or advancement representing an attained objective. the culmination of years of effort

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Apex gone into English from Latin, wbelow it initially supposed "a little rod at the peak of a flamen"s cap." What"s a flamen"s cap? Flamens were priests who devoted themselves to serving simply one of the many primitive Romale gods (for instance, just Jupiter or Mars). Those clergymans wore distinctive conical caps that English speakers dubbed "flamen"s caps." Sixteenth- and also seventeenth-century dramatist Ben Jonkid was one of the few English authors well-known to have actually offered "apex" in its flamen"s-cap sense: "Upon his head a hat of delicate wool, whose optimal ended in a cone, and also was ttherefore referred to as apex."

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Recent Instances on the Net The many type of sunsets and sunrises in this display suggest that the world’s extremely rhythms are attuned, favor Armond, to the needs of humanity’s apex predators. — Megan Garber, The Atlantic, 16 Aug. 2021 Sharks are apex predators, feeding on a broad array of species, and also are hence important for managing biodiversity in the larger ecodevice. — Grace Huckins, Wired, 12 Aug. 2021 The apex came against Oregon, as soon as Gebbia threw for 263 yards and a touchdown. — oregonlive, 8 Aug. 2021 In the decades given that his band’s cultural apex, Alexakis has actually continued to release brand-new music in different shades of Everclear. — Matt Wake | Mwake
al.com, al, 27 July 2021 There’s always an innovation to make, a mistake to correct, a higher apex to reach. — Alex Vejar, The Salt Lake Tribune, 27 July 2021 On a smaller road course, timed laps in the M2 Competition afforded plenty of exercise at hitting the correct braking points, and also balancing braking and also throttle through edge enattempt, apex and also departure. — Manuel Carrillo Iii, Robb Report, 14 July 2021 The focal allude is a white cockatoo inside the vessel near the apex of the complace, sure to be asphyxiated as a demonstration of the absence of air in a vacuum. — Los Angeles Times, 13 July 2021 All these abilities make dragonflies apex hunters of insects such as mosquitoes. — Cori Brvery own, baltimoresun.com/maryland/carroll, 11 July 2021

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