The cartoon character"s fictional contact can"t compare through the soft, cooing song you might hear in southwestern deserts.


Greater Roadrunner. Photo: Trudy Walden/ Photography Awards

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What pet is two-feet long, runs favor the wind, loves cactus, catches lizards, snakes, and also scorpions . . . and also has actually feathers? What if I add that it is the the majority of famed bird of the Southwest and also has had actually a lengthy run as a cartoon character? Roadrunner, of course!

Bird experts know it as the Greater Roadrunner. There’s a Lesser Roadrunner in southerly Mexico.

Let’s listen to its true voice. Sounds fairly like a lonely puppy, doesn’t it?The soft cooing voice clues at its relationships to other birds: Scientists team roadrunners via the cuckoos.

The Greater Roadrunner is a prevalent species in the desert and also brush country of the Southwest, however its complete array reaches from The golden state to western Louisiana.

For instance, driving near Tucson, you might spot a Greater Roadrunner alengthy the roadside, standing atop a boulder, eyeing you very closely. As you sluggish down, it raises and also then lowers its crest, reflecting off the blue skin behind its eye. The tail levers to a high angle, then slowly pivots downward.

The roadrunner is poised, ready to sprint. Ready to outrun you—or that coyote. Aacquire.

In situation you’re wondering, the bird does fly, albeit intypically. Record the roadrunner at our webwebsite, I’m Michael Stein.



Bird sounds provided by The Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Recorded by A.A. Allen. Ambient sounds recorded by Adam Sedgley in Santa Rita, AZ.

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