Tright here are four primary ways to analyze the Italian adverb presto right into English: early and soon, which are the many widespread translations, and quick and also easy. Let’s take a look at each translation now!

IPA: /ˈprɛ

Presto = Early

One of the a lot of widespread translations of presto is early. The opposite of the adverb tardi (late), it might likewise interpret as ahead of schedule. Below are a couple of verbs that are regularly paired through presto once the interpretation is early.

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alzarsi presto = to acquire up earlysvegliarsi presto = to wake up earlyarrivare presto = to arrive earlypartire presto = to leave early

Mi alzo presto al mattino.

I gain up beforehand in the morning.


Presto = Soon

When presto occurs in the following expressions, the definition is soon rather than early.

il più presto (possible) = as shortly as possiblepresto o tardi = sooner or laterben presto = incredibly soontornare presto = to come back soon

It likewise appears in the greetings A presto! (See you soon!), Ci vediamo presto! (We’ll watch each other soon!), Ci sentiamo presto! (We’ll talk soon!) and also Guarisci presto! (Get well soon!)

Sarò presto papà!

I’ll soon be a dad!


Some possible synonyms include fra poco, a breve or entro breve tempo. To say as soon as possible, you can likewise use the word prima (earlier): il prima possibile.

Presto = Quick

When Presto! is used on its very own as an exclamation, it implies Quick! It also assumes this meaning when paired through the verb fare (to do).

Faccio presto! = I’ll be quick!Faccio il più presto possibile! = I’ll be as quick as possible!

Presto, chiama un’ambulanza!

Quick, speak to an ambulance!


Possible options are veloce (quick) or in fretta (quick / quickly):

Veloce, chiama un’ambulanza! = Rapid, contact an ambulance!Faccio in fretta! = I’ll be quick!

Presto = Easy

Presto equates as easy once it appears in the idiomatic expression Si fa presto a… which means It’s basic to…

Si fa presto a criticare. = It’s simple to criticise.Si fa presto a dire / fare… = It’s easy to say / do…

Si fa presto a fareamicizia con le persone quando si condivide la stessa passione.

It’s simple to make friends with civilization as soon as you share the same passion.

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Did you know that…?The English expression Presto! (or Hey presto!), which magicians exinsurance claim once announcing the successful completion of a magic trick, comes from the Italian presto.

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