A Dish Fit for the Gods Meaning

Definition: A meal of the highest, a lot of perfect quality.

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Origin of A Dish Fit for the Gods

This expression is equivalent to its literal meaning: food that is great enough also for gods to eat. Because gods are of a higher quality than human beings, food for gods have to also be a higher top quality.

A similar expression is a meal fit for a king. The idea is the very same. A king is much better than a normal person and also deserves food that is better than normal.

This expression shows up in the play Julius Caesar, created by the renowned English playwright William Shakespeare.

In it, one of the characters, Brutus, is describing just how he plans to kill one more character, Marc Antony. He claims that he will certainly kill Marc Antony and also serve him to the gods. This is far from the definition we usage now, definition extremely delicious. It is possible that Shakespeare wished to display that Brutus observed Marc Antony as a sacrifice, quite than actual food for the gods.

Instances of A Dish Fit for the Gods

In the example below, two friends are pointing out an upcoming intersee that among them has.

Ted: I think I’m ultimately prepared for my intercheck out tomorrow.

Rufio: Do you mean your intersee to be a chef at that new restaurant?

Ted: Yeah. They desire to ask me inquiries, prefer a normal interview, but they also desire me to prepare a dish in their kitchen.

Rufio: What are you planning on cooking?

Ted: I’m going to make ratatouille. My recipe will certainly develop a dish fit for the gods!

This dialogue shows two friends talking together about the new restaurant one of them just tried.

Zayna: I simply obtained earlier from trying that new vegetarian restaurant that opened on Frick Street!

Ben: How was it?

Zayna: It was amazing! I got a vegetarian Reuben sandwich, made from seitan. I think it was the best meal I ever before had.

Ben: Really?

Zayna: Yes! Seriously, it was a meal fit for the gods. You’ve obtained to attempt it.

More Examples

The excerpt is from a movie review. The doubter did not prefer the movie incredibly much.

This excerpt is about food ready to honor Shakespeare.

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The phrase a dish fit for the gods refers to food that is specifically scrumptious.


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