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Here"s a list of nlinux.org jokes. They are compiled from various resources on the internet, including AMS notices, nlinux.orgOverflow, reddit, aperiodical, and also the Dabney spam mailing list. I"ve tried to crmodify some of the jokes, together with jokes not from the above pointed out resources, at the end of this nlinux.org page. Ala lot of all jokes are of the question-answer format. What is green and also homeomophic to the open up unit interval? the real lime What is the contour integral around Africa? zero, all the Poles are in Europe What couldn"t the Möbius strip enroll at Caltech? bereason we require freshguy orientation Why did SO(3) leave Caltech after one week? because it deserve to only carry out rotation What execute you call a young eigensheep? a lamb, duh! What is hallucinogenic and exists for every team through order divisible by p^k? a psilocybin p-subteam What"s yellow, linear, normed, and also complete? a Bananach area What perform you contact the category of Banach Analytical Manifolds? BanAnaMan What is brvery own, furry, runs to the sea, and is equivalent to the Axiom of Choice? Zorn"s lemming or the Well-Ottering principle. They"re indistinguishable in the ZF Sea. What tastes like oranges and also is differentiable in the whole facility plane? a clementire Who knows whatever tbelow is to be known around vector analysis? the oracle of del phi What carry out you call a duty with an adverse derivative, that makes things cleaner? Degreasing What is babsence and also white ivory and also fills space? Piano curve Why did the nlinux.orgematician name his dog "Cauchy"? bereason he left a residue on eextremely pole Why did the Klein bottle"s relative begin taking off its clothes? it was a Möbius stripper Or, what does not have an orientation and also likes taking off its clothes? a Möbius stripper Why perform Maclaurin polynomials fit the original function so well? because they are Taylor made Why didn"t Newton discover group theory? because he wasn"t Abel Why can"t you prosper corn in Z/6Z? because it"s not a field! Follow-up: Why can"t you prosper corn in Z/5Z? bereason it"s an abstract nlinux.orgematical object Follow-up: I hear Grothendieck as soon as prospered corn in Z/57Z, although he had to devise a clever plan first. Follow-up: And you can"t grvery own corn in Z/7Z either, bereason we grew corn in it last year, so you need to revolve the plants and thrive soybeans this year. What is frequently provided by Canadians to aid solve particular differential equations? a lthroughout transdevelop What did the calculus instructor say to his hungover student? Kcurrently your boundaries, and Don"t drink and derive. Why did the nlinux.orgematician put his null area in the microwave? to make popcorn! (kernels are hard to eat) What do you acquire if you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber? You can not cross a vector with a scalar. What carry out you acquire if you cross a rat with a mosquito? |rat|*|mosquito|*sin(theta)*unit vector Why did the polynomial plant (whose zeros all had actually zero real part) wilt? its roots were imaginary Which household of attributes N->N is the many excited? multifactorials!!!!!!!!!!!! Which massive cat is excellent at lialmost approximating a differentiable function? a tangent lion or a directly lion What do you call a damaged angle that kinda looks prefer an equiangular quadrilateral? a rektangle What taken place to the indeterminate form that obtained sick in calculus? It checked out the L"Hôpital. What"s purple and also commutes? An Abelian grape. What is purple and all of its offspring have actually been committed to institutions? A basic grape, it has no normal subgrapes. What is lavender and commutes? An Abelian semigrape. What"s purple, commutes, and is venerated by a minimal variety of people? A finitely-venerated Abelian grape. What"s purple, round, and also does not obtain much for Christmas? A finitely presented grape. Why was 6 afraid of 7? because 7 8 9 Follow-up: Why was 7 afrhelp of 8? induction Why was Fibonacci afrhelp of 5? bereason 5 8 13 What type of map would you take via you on auto trips? automorphisms What is an anagram of Banach-Tarski? Banach-Tarski Banach-Tarski... What is an anagram of Banach-Tarski? Ransack habit Why did the matrix finally end up being similar to her conjugate transpose? it was her mission What does the little bit mermassist wear? an algae-bra What is an owl"s favorite sort of nlinux.org? owl-gebra Why are nlinux.org publications often sad? they have lots of difficulties Or, why are nlinux.org publications so swoll? they gain several exercises What do you contact an angle that is adorable? acute angle What is polite and also works for the phone company? a deferential operator Follow-up: What fakes politeness and also functions for the phone company? a pseudo-deferential operator What execute analysts and number philosophers throw into the fireplace? (really any type of nlinux.orgematician does this, however computer system scientists and also chemists perform not) natural logs Why execute analyists and number philosophers choose parks? Due to the fact that of all the organic logs. What do you call a ring theorist"s parrot when it hasn"t been fed? poly-"no meal" Why is it difficult to flourish large-sized corn in an injective map? the kernels are little What does the "B" in Benoit B Mandelbrot stand also for? Benoit B Mandelbrot How did the matrix whose eigenvalues summed to zero disappear? It vanimelted without a trace. What carry out you contact tiny, shiny disks which are made via precision? Exact sequins What carry out prime numbers and also stoners have in common? The higher they obtain, the more spaced out they acquire. Who was the roundest knight at King Arthur"s round table? Sir Cumference. Why did Emil Artin"s necklace store falling off? It had a descending chain condition. What carry out you speak to most money that commutes? A-belian dollars. At Christmas time, how do you perform the inverse operation to exponentiation? Yule log. What carry out team theorists hang on their door at Christmas? Wreath commodities. What is yellow and identical to the Axiom of Choice? Zorn"s lemmon. What is woolly, spits, and also is indistinguishable to the Axiom of Choice? Zorn"s llama. Why do nurses use 1-to-1 features so much? Injections. Why was Gollum obsessed via Z/6Z? Why are algebraic geometers always coming up through evil plans? They really like schemes. What is a pirate"s favorite field? R or C. What is a pirate"s favorite measure on a locally compact topological group? Haaaarrrrrr meacertain. Wbelow perform you thrive level two polynomials? In quadratic fields on quadratic ranches. What carry out you contact a banana through a hole in the middle? A bananulus. What transdevelop do you apply to turn a sphynx cat into a Norwegian forest cat? The furrier transform. How perform algebraists actually eat their corn? By modding out the kernels. What is the ideal response to a harmonic analysis joke? Hardy Haar Haar. How perform algebraic topologists remodel their porch? With deck transformations. What did the topologist say as soon as s/he wanted to stop playing their hand in poker? man-i-fold.

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How carry out direct algebraists settle arguments around matrix transposes? With a dual. What did the geometer studying k^n say as soon as asked around their career? It"s affine job! (k^n is affine n-room over the field k) Which LaTeX package should you protect against as soon as you go hiking? Tikz See also right here for some images (joint with Matthew Weidner).#8 - Aaron Anderson#9 nonconventional answers - Amy Penak, Michael Wheeler#12, 21, 58, 72, 73, 74, 79, 80 - Matthew Weidner#22 - Amy Penak #25 - Chris Dosen #43 - Jalex Stark #57 - principle from Karthik Siva #67, 68 - Mark Greenarea #71 - http://www.nlinux.org.utoronto.ca/ashao/#75 - Topredisposition Shin #76, 77 - https://www.ma.utexas.edu/users/a.debray/puns.html