Another week, an additional Monday and one more exact same old unpleasant question (at least for me) - What did you execute for the weekend?

A couple years back I moved to an additional nation in western Europe from South-East of Europe. As you could be acquainted, the society is a little bit various in between these 2 regions, but that greatly depends of a person"s adaptcapacity and also just how strong he is holding to his values (religion and also tradition).

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So, from this point on, I would certainly favor to exclude those dimensions of distinctions between people, and emphasis on various other dimensions (mentioned bellow).

Now, very regularly at work I"ve been asked by my colleagues "what did you carry out for the weekend"?! I uncover myself in very uncomfortable position answering this question because of a number of factors.

First, for the sake of simplicity let"s take into consideration that I am some create of introvert, geek and also hard-functioning perchild. This means that most of my weekends I am spending on finding out and also functioning on something(occasionally pertained to work, periodically extremely different from it).

2nd, I am seeing this question as a method to express to others what they did, by replying to it and also then asking back what they did.I do understand also that this is very fundamental means to produce continuous discussion, but I likewise understand that I am regularly being judged by doing what I desire and not "enjoying life instead" (by their definition).

On various other hand, I feel extremely comfortable speaking about incredibly wide array of topics like business economics, innovation or anypoint which is not really individual (appears logical for introvert, right?).Anvarious other point why not speaking around individual points matters to me, is bereason I discovered that mainly in my line of job, if I save individual relationship out is the finest for everyone.Very frequently my principles at work-related, endangered some positions about me, and also they acted defensively on it. So, I have tough time to save the balance in between sharing individual life, and competing with the colleagues at the very same time.To be also clear, I am not rude at all while I am working my project, yet incredibly regularly I am stating facts citing resources and also addressing the genuine troubles. I am also not a solo player, in reality extremely helpful to those who desire me to aid. And additionally I am conscious of this question, however I didn"t find the answers satisfying.

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How have the right to you address to those concerns in a method that it"ll be polite, but acunderstanding them you are not fine answering those question over and over again?I would certainly choose to hear even more favor a general answer that have the right to be applied to a different organizations, quite than to my current place.