I think not understanding what he did is worse than understanding. I reckon by not reflecting us the nitty gritty details, the showrunners let the audience fill the void through whatever before they essential to hate Ramsey also even more.

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He most likely raped and abprovided her physically every day, beating and playing mental games through her, maybe also cutted her in some locations to simply mess through her body but nopoint in a castration/reek level. I've heard that probably he supplied his dogs to rape her choose he did to Jayne in the publications however I hope that this never before gets shown or commented by the showrunners, she has actually endured sufficient.

The flaying was outlawed for a long time, so one would certainly not automatically jump straight to flaying. Even though it is their banner, that is not sufficient to assume they would have actually flayed her. LF asking her around this suggests he kbrand-new what he was favor before he sent her there. Or that he, at least, learned around his behaviour before this interaction.

she implies he kbrand-new about Ramsey bereason Littlefinger carried up the cutting bereason he already kbrand-new around it and STILL offered sansa to Ramsey

He didn’t carry out anything to hurt her ability to produce an heir. Once he had actually an heir or 2, he could have actually. So he most likely reduced her or abprovided her in some way that didn’t reason damage to her inside.

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