The Franklinville (Community) is situated in New Jersey (NJ) USA.

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Tright here are 1056 locations (city, towns, hamlets …) within a radius of 100 kilometers / 62 miles from the center of Franklinville (NJ), the nearest area in the area is Clayton, new jersey.Below is the table via the 20 areas close to Franklinville (NJ). In the table are indicated: name of the place, admin, distance<1> in kilometers, distance<1> in miles and also the attach to the take a trip sheet with road path.
Position on the map of Franklinville Gloucester County, New Jersey United States39°37"5"N - 75°4"32"W39.6180560,-75.0758330Area of 1 kilometres about the selected point
Hotel Franklinville (NJ)

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20 locations in the vicinity of Franklinville (NJ)PlacesAdminKmMiinfo
Claytonnew jersey4,88 Km3,03 Mi
Malagabrand-new jersey5,88 Km3,65 Mi
Auranew jersey8,06 Km5,01 Mi
Monroeville (Gloucester County)brand-new jersey7,26 Km4,51 Mi
Monroeville (Salem County)new jersey7,26 Km4,51 Mi
Newfieldnew jersey9,08 Km5,64 Mi
Glassboronew jersey9,93 Km6,17 Mi
Elmerpennsylvania8,48 Km5,27 Mi
Elmerbrand-new jersey8,48 Km5,27 Mi
Brotmanvillebrand-new jersey10,85 Km6,74 Mi
Williamstownbrand-new jersey10,26 Km6,37 Mi
Cross Keysbrand-new jersey11,31 Km7,03 Mi
Victory Lakesbrand-new jersey9,56 Km5,94 Mi
Olivetbrand-new jersey11,61 Km7,22 Mi
Normabrand-new jersey13,59 Km8,44 Mi
Pitmannew jersey13,63 Km8,47 Mi
Centerton (Salem County)brand-new jersey12,97 Km8,06 Mi
Ferrellnew jersey12,36 Km7,68 Mi
Richwoodnew jersey13,93 Km8,66 Mi
Vinelandbrand-new jersey15,26 Km9,48 Mi

Below is displayed the table of main cities with the equivalent distances<1> of the primary cities from Franklinville (NJ) measured both in kilometers and also in miles.

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distances<1> from Franklinville (NJ) of the main citiesCittàAdminKmMiinfo
Philadelphiapennsylvania37,93 Km23,57 Mi
New York Citybrand-new york151,96 Km94,42 Mi
Washington D.C.district of columbia186,45 Km115,86 Mi
Bostonmassachusetts454,40 Km282,35 Mi
Chicagoillinois1.086,13 Km674,89 Mi
Houstontexas2.147,95 Km1.334,67 Mi
Dallastexas2.086,20 Km1.296,30 Mi
Austintexas2.304,41 Km1.431,90 Mi
San Antoniotexas2.416,60 Km1.501,61 Mi
Phoenixarizona3.352,19 Km2.082,96 Mi
San Diegocalifornia3.820,02 Km2.373,65 Mi
Los Angelescalifornia3.854,72 Km2.395,21 Mi
San Josecalifornia4.037,93 Km2.509,05 Mi
San Franciscocalifornia4.066,70 Km2.526,93 Mi

<1>The distances indicated are measured in a straight line, the road ranges deserve to be appreciably different. To obtain road distance you can choose path planner

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