Read the following text, it comes from a question and answer website, like or Yahoo answers. A Spanish student living in the UK is asking around meals and meal times.

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When execute we say it"s “lunch”, “dinner” or “supper”?


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When carry out we say it"s “lunch”, “dinner” or “supper”?

Is tright here a certain distinction in between supper and dinner?

And in what scenarios lunch becomes dinner?

As a foreigner all this is incredibly confusing, I sometimes hear that a noon-time meal is dinner, and the evening meal is dubbed stop however then tbelow is additionally lunch roughly noon and dinner in the evening. At leastern I recognize that breakquick is what I eat at day-break! - JorgeUK, Apr 25


Dinner: The Oxford dictionary defines dinner as the major meal of the day, taken either roughly midday or in the evening. Most dictionaries leave open the question of “time of day”. This is bereason tbelow is an excellent deal of regional and also social course variation. In some parts of the UK (and also in some other components of the English-speaking world) once civilization take their primary meal in the middle of the day it is dubbed dinner. I personally think that dinner and also stop are synonyms.

Supper: Supper is a lighter evening meal. The root of this word "to sup", it suggests eat or drink liquid food, prefer soup. It more than likely originates from countryside heritages.

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Lunch: Lunch is supplied specifically as soon as referring to a midday meal. It is the midday (noon) equivalent of supper, it"s likewise a lighter and much less formal meal than dinner. - AdminSr Apr 25


For working-course families in Liverpool, in the North of England, dinner was traditionally the noon-time meal, and also tbelow is an afternoon or evening meal called Tea. However, this is transforming because people relocate about and also some try to sheight "correct" English and also sound more "Southern". Ha ha! - Robby Apr 25There"s actually quite a variation in various areas of the US. It"s rather common to hear Dinner as the noontime meal in many areas of the Amerihave the right to South. In Texas some regions have actually Dinner at 12:45 and also Supper at 6 pm. Young generations use "lunch" for noon meals and have actually dinner in the evening. – Shirley10 Apr 26Sometimes dinner is a large unique meal rather of lunch or stop, like Sunday dinner or Thanksgiving dinner. When I was young we just supplied supper but currently just dinner. – CapAm Nov 28And on Christmas day, many civilization sit down to a Christmas dinner - at lunchtime! - Robby Dec 2