Tright here is an expression in English of type of dramatic frustration, but in a really familiar, and also virtually endearing method. So, for instance, if your girlfriend/boyfrifinish does somepoint that is sort of distinctive or strange, but it is incredibly specific to them, you can exinsurance claim, "What am I going to carry out through you!"

It is hard for me to define this expression, and also I cannot find a great webweb page for it. But I am searching for a method in to type of "mock complain" around something slightly weird that someone you treatment about does. Do you have any type of thoughts?



Yes, there is a expression that practically perfectly matches the English one:


And it is offered endearingly, or critically by superiors on inferiors. This additionally seems to match the English intake.

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I do not know around its etymology; from its cshed enhance versus English and also its contemporaneity (Ngram Viewer shows it appeared in the 80"s and started to spike from the 90"s) I suspect it is extremely influenced by the English expression.


Another also even more idiomatic means to say this is:

拿你没辙 ná nǐ méi zhé

It"s offered basically just as 拿你怎么办, in an endearing, acquainted method. The character 辙 zhé has actually the meaning of 办法, so the idiom literally means "no means to take you", and is used just as your description.


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