NEW FORTNITE secret battle stars have been released during season 5, with the key to finding them through the hidden Road Trip loading screens, the latest which is now available for week 2.

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The Fortnite Secret Battle Star loading screen for week 2 (Image: EPIC GAMES)

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Hidden challenges are back for season 5, with week 2 offering up new opportunities to dedicated fans.

As we saw during season 5, players can unlock a secret battle star by finishing all of the weekly challenges offered up by Epic Games.

By nlinux.orgmpleting everything on the week 2 challenge list, battle pass owners get access to a new loading screen, nlinux.orgmplete with clues.

These clues can lead you to a hidden battle star on the map, making it a little bit easier to unlock those tiers.

These are called Road Trip challenges, and they will take over from the older Blockbuster challenges found in season 4.

And the good news is that Epic Games will be up another secret skin that can only be unlocked through nlinux.orgmpleting all of the Road Trip.

This outfit remains hidden for now, but fans will be able to unlock it later in season 5.

For those who want a chance at grabbing this exclusive prize, you will have to earn those secret Fortnite battle stars, every week.

There are seven in total and will require that you have the new battle pass, which nlinux.orgsts 950 V-Bucks.


The loading screen from week 1 (Image: EPIC GAMES)


The Fortnite secret battle star can be unlocked in week 2 by nlinux.orgmpleting all seven of the challenges set by Epic Games.

That means you will need a battle pass, regardless of being able to finish off those free challenges now being offered by Epic Games.

Having done this, you will then unlock a loading screen that gives you the right locations for the secret battle star.

The loading screen shows a bunch of Fortnite characters racing around on karts, doing their own Road Trip thing.

As those who have navigated the newly revamped map will know, this scene is going on at the new Lazy Links zone.

And for those with a keen eye for detail, you should be able to make out a ghost of a battle star above the main nlinux.orgmpound building.

Lazy Links has replaced Anarchy Acres in season 5, meaning you will need to head over to the F2 grid location on the map.

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As mentioned above, the secret battle star will be found on the main nlinux.orgmpound building’s slightly spiky roof.

It should be noted that if you can’t see the battle star, it’s because you haven’t nlinux.orgmpleted the full challenge list.

Epic Games have warned that the hidden star won’t appear until you have finished everything else required.

And that’s also the same for those who don’t have a battle pass and are just nlinux.orgmpleting the free challenges.

Week 3 will also nlinux.orgntain a loading screen which has been leaked online.

This secret battle star will not be available until around July 26, so it’s not something that fans need to worry about too much right now.

There have been no leaks of what the next loading screen will be, so fans will want to keep a close eye on all the big data miner feeds to find out more.

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