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"We Were on the Verge of Greatness" is a memorable quote from the 2016 space opera film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which spawned a picture macro series featuring a screenswarm of the scene.


In the film Rogue One, which premiered on December 10th, 2016, the character Galen Orso is confronted by the character Orson Krennic, that attempts to guide Orso by saying "We were on the verge of greatness, we were this cshed to offering tranquility and also defense for the galaxy (displayed below).

On January 2second, 2017, Redditor fifthdayofmay submitted a *breath in* boi photo macro via the caption "When you"re on the verge of greatness however he quits his job" to /r/PrequelMemes<1> (shown below).



On February 18th, 2017, the Guardians Of The Force Facebook<4> web page posted a screencap from the scene with the subtitle "When you gain Friend Zoned" (shown below).


On July 11th, the Wedge Antilles Facebook<3> web page posted a three-panel photo macro through a joke about the Reign of Terror in the time of the French Revolution (presented below).


On September 20th, Redditor XGonGiveItToYaX submitted a screenswarm of a Reddit article via 69 upvotes and also 421 comments, adhered to by the screencap of Krennic speaking the line to /r/PrequelMemes<2> (shown below).


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External References

<1> Reddit – /r/PrequelMemes

<2> Reddit – /r/PrequelMemes

<3> Facebook – Wedge Antilles

<4> Facebook – Guardians of the Force

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