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Kathryn Dennis, showed up on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night after the season 6 premiere of Southern Charm. And the rehabbed charmer’s questionable appearance collection tongues wagging.

The Southern Charm star was noticeably fidgety, speaking in a lethargic pace, and seemingly unable to procedure the host and callers inquiries.

EXCLUSIVE: Kathryn Dennis Attacks Bravo Production Crew In A Fit Of Rage! “She Broke A $5,000 Camera”

Kathryn Dennis made stselection deals with throughout the regimen. Watch listed below. 

Kathryn and also Thomas remain locked in a custody dispute, the legal discord even more complex by assault allegations levied versus the South Carolina actual estate developer.

Many Southern Cinjury fans were not digging Kathryn Dennis‘ Lindsay Lohan vibe and voiced their pertains to on social media.

I have been best around her all alengthy.#KathrynDennis is high as a kite on #WWHL right currently and also all you enablers on #SouthernCdamage deserve to kiss it! I NEVER bought her redeveloped good girl act. No, it's not nerves as she's been on this display many type of times before! ?
AllAboutDaTea cover this!

— Starling Mod (
StarlingMod) May 16, 2019

You Be The Judge, I was all around Kathryn Dennis last Seachild with her alters & sobriety- Butttt, after watching #WWHL I think she is high on something! Watch her carefully, she can't sit still, fidgety, watch Andy's expressions in the direction of her! Somepoint is up y'all #southercdamage

Still_Fabulous_ At_46 (
46_still) May 16, 2019

Kathryn Dennis pupils are astronomical & she is slurring her words on #WWHL #southerncinjury #Southerncharm avo avotv

— renee (

Why are you not watching WWHL? Kathryn Dennis is a train wreck rn

— Tabitha (
TabfordRN) May 16, 2019

Why does Kathryn Dennis look so uncomfortable on #wwhl?! #southerncharm

— Dani at (
ATXgossipDani) May 16, 2019

As fans recognize, Kathryn checked right into a rehab in June 2016, after court ordered drug trial and error revealed cocaine, opiates and multiple various other drugs in her mechanism.

Kathryn lost custody of the two children she shares with Ravenel, and also has given that been presenting a cleaned up image to the public.

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Back in December 2018, fans likewise wondered about Kathryn’s sobriety after she appeared high as a kite in the time of an Instagram Live.

Kathryn Dennis Appears Drunk & High In Bizarre Christmas Rant Amid Custody Battle — Watch Here!

You be the judge. Does Kathryn Dennis appear inebriated during her Watch What Happens Live appearance? Sound off below!

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