All 15 seasons of The Apprentice—the seven original periods and the eight celebrity seasons, hosted by current president Donald Trump except for the last seakid, which was organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger—are now easily accessible to watch online for cost-free. The Martha Stewart season is not.

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While seachild one of The Apprentice has been easily accessible on DVD, Celebrity Apprentice streamed on Hulu for a while, and bootleg versions of episodes and also some seasons have popped up periodically, the show’s archive hasn’t been this available before, whether to stream or to buy.

Who will certainly desire to watch it? Good question! But having actually the whole series publicly and conveniently available might be an inpractical resource for researchers, journalists, and possibly even political leaders.

It’s additionally a vital historical record, given that The Apprentice helped form the public’s impression of Donald Trump.

Tubi TV announced that it “gone into a content partnership address MGM Television to become the exclusive residence for all 15 seasons of The Apprlure franchise.”

You may respeak to that MGM previously claimed that “Mark Burnett does not have actually the capability nor the appropriate to release footage or other product from The Apprentice” and also “arious contractual and also legal needs also restrict MGM’s ability to release such product.”

That was in response to an Apprtempt producer’s comment that “much worse” statements by then-candidate Donald Trump existed on tape. That saga has continued; Tom Arnold’s “reality” show’s entire premise was to uncover Apprattract tapes.

In a push release, MGM executive Chris Ottinger sassist, “We appreciate our partnership through Tubi, and we are excited to share our content through their audience.”

I’ve asked Tubi if Donald Trump is profiting from this licensing agreement, and also will upday when/if I hear earlier. MGM is an investor in Tubi, which referred to as this a “partnership” and “extraordinary content deal” in its release.

Wright here to watch all of The Apprlure online

Donald Trump Jr, Donald Trump, and Ivanka Trump at an Apprtempt live finale (Photograph through Tubi)

The repertoire of 15 seasons begin seachild 1, episode 1, “Meet the Billionaire,” and are accessible on the web or on any kind of of Tubi’s apps:

Tubi newly included the original periods of The Bachelor and also Bachelorette, and also streams other reality shows—and is promising that there’s even more reality TV to come.

Its CEO, Farhad Massoudi, shelp in the release, “In our quest to democratize content and make even more premium content accessible, we are making a large press right into the reality television area. The Apprentice is our second substantial series announcement this month, and we will have actually more in the near future.”


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