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8.1/10 Votes: 52,507
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Great watch, would certainly watch aget, and execute recommend.

The animation in this beautiful, and also some of it reminds me (vaguely) of “Spirited Away”, but provides more sense. I’m certain the relation is the feeling that “Spirited Away” is Miyazaki’s display of the Japanese fey, though it is apparently in several various other movies (e.g. “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Ponyo”).

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This is a movie of excellent tragedy and effective feelings, yet ultimately is about appreciating your family and also world while they are tbelow. Tbelow is charm and uplifting feelings to the whole situation: you’re not simply going to be depressed or relocated.

As the advent of the fey begin, it is incredibly unclear what is actual and also what is magic, or if the magic is actual. That surreal perspective to this child’s adundertaking appeared to add to the charm of taking care of the instance.

The only problem I have actually with the movie is this ambiguity, tright here are so many type of parallels (that often happen in fey stories) to truth that you can’t tell if this is a story of exactly how a boy imagined an adventure, or if it’s a fey story complete of concealed magic.

The details they go right into are remarkable if you look. Even the tears shared in between fey and humale are different. The details go on, and while I’m not certain if the high quality is better, worse, or simply various to a Miyazaki film, I feel it was made via the same consideration for exactly how the audience is supposed to feel as they watch in the exact same means he developed.

If you ever before watched ‘The Secret of Kells’, you will never before think of skipping it. Though, civilization watch it in the interest of the Osautomobile connection. From all the nominees it is the clear winner according to me, also far better than the genuine winner ‘Big Hero 6’. The American Academy Awards had actually faicaused recognise the true resourcefulness. That does not soptimal win the heart the of countless youngsters roughly the people. As for the adults, it renders you feel young again for a while. Lots of humour in it with faint emovements at the finish along the children favoured flavour throughout.

Far East and far West film industries judgment the computer animation production, yet Tomm Moore from Ireland is trying to open the brand-new gate from the European division. Not many type of world are mindful of him, an additional movie and its success might lead to the better heights for certain. This animation technics are extremely unique, but not the first time in the use.

The character illustrations were cuter to enchant the young children. Watching the movie is prefer reading a children’s storybook via the big photos all over and also a couple of lines of words in the edge of the page. Like the anime in Japan and 3D animation in Hollylumber, this would certainly note the Euro on the map. Tbelow are many animations are made and still making in Europe, however this one is the brand-new perspective of hope to reach all the major and also remote areas of the Earth. Wish it moves in the appropriate direction.

If you had known exactly how all the fairy tales work-related, you would feel you deserve to predict this story bereason, you recognize defeating evil, breaking curses, the happy endings are the usual part. So what matters is the storyinforming, how well the stories are presented on the display. This film excels in that allude, and the music is the an additional highlight of the movie. Whoever the music director/composer I have to praise him. Almany a year ago I experienced the trailer for the initially time and also I felt like I currently loved the movie, mostly bereason of the music.

”Hold this shell to your ear and also listen closely. You will hear the song of the sea.”

In his earlier movie the director told a basic and also short story extraordinarily, and still I hum that beautiful ‘Aisling song’ at some point. This movie had a wonderful adendeavor story of a boy dubbed Ben and also his little bit sister Saoirse. In the journey of running ameans from an owl witch, the magical creatures and an ancient seashell overview them a course. On the best time the title song provides the way to delight following 10 minutes of the crucial segment in the narration. I love the original variation, in Irish also though I don’t understand. It was great and catchy, also for the grvery own ups too. Feels choose, want to visit those areas from the movie, however sadly our only option is Disneyland, huh.

Disney and also Studio Ghibli are the king and queen of fairy tale movies. No one would, yet if you are mildly fed up of those, below the new dimensional fresh tales from the Ireland’s folklore. Though, it sets in the modern civilization, but does not abandon to carry the key components. Like the primitive accomplish the contemporary people with the same intensity. Kind of brand-new to hear the words like Selkie, Macha and so on, however, brand new for the world who live hundreds of kilometers away in the different continents. Animation movie fanatics would certainly love it, however if tright here are any type of children favor niece and nephew in your home or visits you, watch it via them on that occasion and you would feel in different ways.


A wonderful animation and People Should be mindful of it. Tomm Moore is an computer animation genius. This movie isn’t just beautifully done. It’s a wonderful backbamong a story that shows innocence and grief. It sheds light on soaking up your emotions rather of heading them ameans. The story has a plot but via no true villains just world through misconstrued intentions.

Tune of the Sea is a masterpiece. I only wish more human being knew of it.

ThIs deserved Academy Award Amazing animated movie. I don’t understand exactly how it didn’t win Oscar. I mean Big Hero 6 is additionally excellent and cool animated movie yet it just isn’t much better than Song of the Sea. Love the soundtrack and song of the sea is exceptional.

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Original Language en Runtime 1 hr 33 min (93 min) Budget 0 Revenue 857522 Status Released Rated PG Genre Animation, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy Director Tomm Moore Writer Will Collins (screenplay by), Tomm Moore (based on an original story by) Actors David Rawle, Brendan Gleeson, Lisa Hannigan, Fionnula Flanagan Country Ireland, Dennote, Belgium, UK, France Awards Nominated for 1 Osvehicle. Another 11 wins & 25 nomicountries. Production Company Cartoon Saloon, Irish Film Board Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Digital Aspect Ratio 1.66 : 1 (negative ratio), 1.85 : 1 (intfinished ratio) Camera N/A Laboratory N/A Film Length N/A Negative Format N/A Cinematographic Process Digital Intermediate, Spherical Printed Film Format Digital (Digital Cinema Package DCP)