Three friends stumble upon the horrific beginnings of a mysterious figure they discover is the root cause of the evil behind unspeakable acts.

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Genre: Movies, Horror, Thriller

Actors: Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, Cressida Bonas

Director: Stacy Title

Country: USA, China

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First Match

Hardened by years in foster treatment, a teenage girl from Brooklyn"s Brownsville community decides that joining the boys wrestling team is the just means ago to her estranged father.

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The Institute

In 1ninth century Baltimore, a girl stricken via grief from her parents" untimely death voluntarily checks herself into the Rosewood Institute, and also is based on bizarre and also progressively violent pseudo-scientific experiments in personality alteration, brainwashing and mind control; she should escape the clutches of the Rosewood and exact her revenge.

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Bodies are turning up around the city, each having actually met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the examination proceeds, proof points to one suspect: John Kramer, the male recognized as Jigwitnessed, that has been dead for over 10 years.

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Armed Response

A team of extremely trained operatives uncover themselves trapped inside an isolated army compound after its AI is unexpectedly shut down. The crew starts to endure strange and horrific phenomena as they attempt to uncover what killed the previous team.

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Realm Seachild 1

Lucious Lyon"s reign as the head of Empire Entertainment has actually been unchallenged for years. But all that transforms when he learns he has actually an illness and need to pick one of his 3 sons to take over: Andre, Jamal or Hakeem. Complicating matters is their mommy and also Lucious" ex-wife, Cookie, who emerges from priboy to claim her share.

Throughout the Japanese early american era, around 400 Oriental world, that were compelled onto Battleship Island also ("Hashima Island") to mine for coal, attempt to a dramatic escape.

A faithful wife, exhausted of standing by her devious husband, is enraged when it becomes clear she has been betrayed.

ANOTHER YOU concentrates on the young and also ambitious science major Sydney Jamechild who finds love and refoffers to let it go at all expenses. What starts as an simple connection with her boyfriend Marcus gradually becomes a fixation that takes Sydney right into the darkest depths of despair. Driven by obsession, Sydney loses herself in a clinical break with, finding a means to usage the theory of De Ja Vu to explore her past mistakes. How far would you go in the search for true love?

Following the death of her father, Alice (Ruth Wilson) returns to her home village for the first time in 15 years, to insurance claim the tenancy to the family members farm she believes is rightfully hers.

Janet hosts a party to celebrate her new promovement, however as soon as the guests arrive it becomes clear that not everything is going to go dvery own as smoothly as the red wine.

A young girl risks whatever to proccasion a powerful, multinational firm from kidnapping her finest friend - a fascinating beast called Okja.

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