Fear the Walking Dead gets bogged dvery own by an unlikely side quest and questionable character motivations.

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By David Zapanta | November 7, 2021 | | Comments count:0
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This Fear the Walking Dead evaluation includes spoilers.

Fear the Walking Dead Seakid 7 Episode 4

I like Lennie James. He’s a significant dramatic actor who truly commits to his duties. I choose Mo Collins, as well. She has good comedic timing yet she additionally knows just how to tap into her darker side. Demetrius Grosse is an imposing, formidable visibility, commanding the display in almost every scene he’s in. And then there’s Rufus, a lovable, loyal bloodhound. Toss in a bunch of zombies, and also you have actually yourselves an entertaining, must-watch episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Or, at least, you have to.

Without a doubt, what “Breathe With Me” lacks in coherence, it provides up for via mawkish sentiment. If there’s a lesson to be gleaned from this episode, it’s that attempted murder is permissible—provided you’re sufficiently contrite afterward. No. Just…no. Considering Andrew Chambliss and also Ian Goldberg have currently been at the helm longer than original showrunner Dave Erickkid, you’d mean Fear to have really found its stride. Instead, the present proceeds to stumble its way, zombie-prefer, from one uneven seaboy to the next.

I realize Fear had its share of difficulties under Erickboy, especially in its third seakid (I’m looking at you, “El Matadero”). Earlier seasons had problematic characters, as well (Madikid in certain was very frustrating at times). But certainly Chambliss and Goldberg carry out the display no favors through a nonsensical episode choose “Breathe With Me.”

Mostly the show’s current ills stem from questionable character motivations, and nowhere is that even more frustrating than “Breathe With Me.” Never before mind that Mo Collins’s Sarah is all of a sudden hell-bent on finding Wendell, who’s been missing for 78 days. In fact, the last time he acquired any display time was 16 episodes earlier in “Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg.” And yet it’s just currently that his absence is so keenly felt by Sarah and the show’s writers?

Then there’s Sarah’s romaking use of speech to her fellow survivors—Daniel, Al, Charlie, Wes (and everyone else who boarded that CRM helicopter at the end of Seakid 6). Sure, they may have actually searched high and also low for Wendell while she lays unaware, yet Sarah insists she will certainly search higher and lower than they did. And by search, she implies sit on a hillpeak talking right into a radio until its battery dies. If I were Wendell, I’d hope my sister would try a little harder than that—especially if I didn’t have my very own walkie-talkie.

But it’s not until Emile’s twin brvarious other Josiah shows up that the episode detours into an unnecessary side quest—and an unmost likely agreement. Basically, Josiah will certainly help Sarah uncover Wendell in exadjust for her aid finding Mbody organ. And simply favor that, a bargain is struck; Wendell suggests more to her than Mbody organ. Josiah is ssuggest a means to an end for her—and also if it implies betraying her friend, so be it. If she and also Josiah have actually one point in common, they’re both trying to carry out right by their siblings.

Before lengthy, though, Sarah betrays Josiah, also. After finding Wendell’s bloopassed away, abandoned wheelchair, Sarah is beset by panic and also despair, and tries to flee the scene in Josiah’s auto. Josiah is oddly okay via her attempted carjacking and nearly being abandoned. He’s additionally okay via her crashing his car and also trapping them dangerously cshed to an undetonated nuclear warhead. It’s simply among those things. He’s even copacetic with radioing Morgan to rescue them.

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Does Morgan revolve up to help them? Yes. Did he know Emile had a twin brother? No. Do he and also Josiah have actually a violent showdown? Yes, yes they do. And it’s right here that I will share my episode notes, as they capture just how off the rails this scene really is:

Okay. So Morgan and also Josiah involved blows. Mbody organ is making use of Emile’s very own axe against his twin. Then Josiah attempts to weaponize his brother’s severed HEADVERTISEMENT to kill Morgan; in the process, Rufus is bitten by Emile’s head prior to Sarah cleaves it in two via Josiah’s axe????

And currently Mbody organ and also Josiah are friends???? WHAT????????? So are we to think that Morgan and Josiah are willing to bury the hatchet bereason of their shared love for Rufus?


Yes, beans. I mean Rufus would be happy understanding his fatality united two of his favorite humans? Sure, why not—let’s go via that.

In any instance, by a big leap in logic, the trio deduces that Wendell need to have actually been picked up by Strand’s human being and also carried ago to the tower. I intend, sure, why not, let’s go with that, also. Let’s brave the deadly radiation and also the undead and put our lives on the line based on nothing more than a hunch. Except, as luck would have it, Wendell is living large in Strand’s luxurious tower neighborhood.

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So you think, good, mission achieved, let’s reunite these 2 crazy kids. The just trouble is, when someone procedures outside the tower, it’s a one-way expedition. Strand’s utopia, Strand’s rules. In the end, Sarah hregarding let Wendell go in order to conserve him. As much as her brother’s involved, she was never before tbelow.

As Strand so succinctly puts it, “This new world is punishing.” And so was this episode. On the upside, points can only acquire better from below, right?