Featuring tracks from and motivated byAMC"s television seriesThe Walking Deadreleased on March 17, 2013 by Republic Records. Produced by Thomas Golubic and also SMV.Available for purchase on Amazon and also iTunes.Track listing:1. Jamie N Commons - "Lead Me Home"2. Bear McCreary - "Key Title Theme (Unkle Remix)"3. Voxhaul Broadactors - "You Are The Wilderness"4. Baby Bee - "Love Bug"5. Fink - "Warm Shadow (Dactyl Remix)"6. Of Monsters and Men - "Sinking Man"7. Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohen - "The Parting Glass"8. Delta Spirit - "Running

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TWD:AMC Initial Soundtrack,Vol 2. - EP

Featuring 5 new and exclusive songs featured in and also inspired by the fourth seachild ofThe Walking Dead. Released March 25, 2014 by Republic Records. Produced by Thomas Golubic and also SMV.Available for purchase on Amazon,iTunes, and also www.shopthewalkingdead.comTrack listing:1. Portugal. The Man - Heavy Games2. Sharon Von Etten - Serpents (Basement)3. Lee DeWyze - Blackbird Song4. A.C. Newguy - Be Not So Fearful5. Ben Nichols - This Old Death

TWD Composer:Bear McCreary

Bear McCreary is a Los Angeles based Composer and Musician. He is finest recognized for his work-related on the re-imaginedBattlestar Galacticatv series and for the TV seriesThe Walking Dead. McCreary won an Emmy for his major title ofDa Vinci"s Demons.For even more indevelopment about The Walking Dead"s composer, Bear McCreary, visit his webwebsite at: http://www.bearmccreary.com

TWD:AMC Original Soundtrack, Seachild 3 - Sounds of Survival

Republic Records and also AMC’sThe Walking DeadAMC Initial Soundtrack – Vol. 2... Sounds of Survival will sink its teeth right into Wal-Mart stores exclusively as of Tue., Aug. 27, 2013 as component of the special edition Blu-ray and also DVD setThe Walking Dead:The Complete Third Season. Soundtrack developed by Thomas Golubic and also SMV.Available exclusively at Walmart.Track listing:1. Timber Timbre & Feist – “Homage”2. Other Lives – “Living Dead”3. Youngblood Hawke – “Culprit”4. Damien Juraexecute – “I Will Still Be Dead”5. Anna Ternheim – “Light of Day”6. Lisa Marie Presley – “People”7. Band also of Skulls – “Double O Bruises”8. Willy Maboy – “Run”

TWD: AMC Original Soundtrack, Seachild 4 - Songs of Survival - Volume 2

AMC has actually partnered through Anchor Bay Entertainment and also Republic Records to release one more companion soundtrack album.Featuring eight brand-new and also exclusive songs influenced by the fourth seakid of The Walking Dead. Bundled via the Seaboy Four Blu-Ray and DVD sets at Wal-Mart.Available exclusively at Walmart.Track listing:1. Meshell Ndegecello - “Good Day Bad”2. The Lumineers - “Visions of China”3.Phantogram - “Never before Going Home (Alt-J. Remix)”4. Crooked Fingers - “All The Young Thugs”5. Colbie Caillat - “The Way I Was”6. Kongos - “Escape (Acoustic)”7. Godsmack - “Turning To Stone”
John Murphy, "Sunshine - Adagio in D Minor" (iTunes)Beethrange, "Sonata for Piano No 8. in C Minor, Op 13 Pathetique"
Wye Oak, "Civilian" (iTunes)Wooden Ships, "Lazy Bones"Sniff "n" the Tears, "Driver"s Seat" (iTunes)Cave Singers, "Faze Waze" (iTunes)
Frederic Chopin, "Etude No. 3 In E Major, Op. 10, No. 3" (iTunes)Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Saturday Night Special" (iTunes)Baby Bee, "Love Bug (Butch Walker Mix)" (iTunes)Warlock, "I"m Ready To Rock"
Cole Porter, "I"ve Got You Under My Skin" (On-display screen performance by Chad actually Coleman as "Tyreese")Tom Waits, "I Don"t Wanna Grow Up" (On-display screen performance by Emily Kinney as "Beth")
Lee DeWyze, "Blackbird Song" (iTunes)Waxahatchee, "Be Good" (on-screen performance by Emily Kinney) (iTunes)
Kiev, "Be Gone Dull Cage - Walker Version" (iTunes)Junior Kimbturbulent, "You Better Run" (iTunes)Blind Willie Johnkid, "It"s Nobody"s Fault But Mine" (iTunes)

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Firstcom library, "Gymnopedie No. 1"Extreme Library, "Arabesque in C Major Op. 18"Extreme Library, "Nocturne, Opus 27 No. 2"APM Library, "Andate Larog Solo Guitar"Crucial Music, "As Only Yesterday"Crucial Music, "Amethod In A Manger"The Bee Gees, "Spicks and Specks" (iTunes)