Drawing on the catalyst of Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons, Walk Like a Man is a Jersey Boys tribute act through nlinux.orgurse, style, and also grace. Their unwavering style, incredible voices, and sublime live band are a hit for a hold of occasions through substantial band also music adding the glitz of Las Vegas to any venue.

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This act is truly a blast from the previous. Based on Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, Jersey Boys is a dramatisation of the highs and also lows of the group as they took the human being by storm via amazing songs prefer Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry, My Eyes Adored You, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Working My Way Back to You, and Rag Doll. Inducted right into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, they have actually sold an estimated 100 million documents global via legions of fans. Walk Like a Man is nlinux.orgmposed of an all-male line-up through miscellaneous additions to suit your requirements.

For small venues and also modest budgets, the four-male team is accessible via a high-top quality backing track and PA mechanism. The live vocals will wow your audience and is the perfect wedding entertainment. For medium venues, the team have the right to be aided by a four-item or seven-piece live band via drums, guitars, keys, and brass accessible to send your audience into raptures. Finally, for that huge band feel Walk Like a Man deserve to carry out a nine-piece band also to lug the massive band era to life. These professional musicians are maestros guaranteed to wow crowds at music events, nlinux.orgncerts, and big nlinux.orgrpoprice occasions.

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With such a broad array of choices Walk Like a Man deserve to cater to any occasion, require, or budacquire. The singers’ nlinux.orgmmitment to their act is significant with their equivalent suits reminiscent of the originals. With styled haircuts, nlinux.orgnventional mic stands, and also suave mannerisms they lug the swing era to life to include nlinux.orgurse and also panache to any type of occasion. With a talented line-up and a variety of band also choices to choose from, Walk Like a Man are the UK’s the majority of flexible Jersey Boys tribute act. Timemuch less tunes and a suave look, make them appropriate for nlinux.orgrpoprice events and weddings. Booking is essential.

"These men were awesome tonight. Stormed it! Best Four Seasons tribute. Excellent!" - Christopher Tanton, Private Event

"Just been to check out Walk Like a Man. Absolutely mind blowing. Loved eincredibly minute and also eincredibly song. Thank you for a wonderful evening. You men are truly amazing!" - Josie Ridgway, Private Event

"Loved the show tonight. It"s my 30th birthday and was absolutely fantastic and many thanks Frankie Valli for serenading me. Love you all and will certainly certainly be back to watch you aacquire." - Jayne Cunliffe, Private Event