By Steven Warner, music and also lyrics POPE FRANCIS called on the faithful to expush their gratitude for those in consecrated life. What much better method to sell praise and thanksproviding than in song?

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POPE FRANCIS called on the faithful to expush their gratitude for those in consecrated life. What much better means to sell praise and also thanksoffering than in song? That is why the editors ofVISION Vocation Guide and also the National Religious Vocation Conference commissioned world-renowned composer Stalso Warner to write a song in honor of the Year of Consecrated Life. The outcome, “Wake the civilization through dawning joy,” celebrates the unique and also prehistoric create of discipleship that is recognized as consecrated life and, inspired by the words of Pope Francis, urges males and women spiritual to proceed to wake the people with their witness. We hope you will certainly sing this distinct song in your parishes and religious communities and incorpoprice it in your worship and also prayer solutions throughout the Year of Consecrated Life and also past to remind each of us of Christ’s call to wake up the world and live in a different way—a means of faith, hope, love, and also joy!


World Library Publications (WLP) is the publisher of “Wake the World with Dawning Happiness.” The item, scored for two-component choir through descant, key-board, guitar, and trumpet, which consists of the full worldwide version (via French, Italian and Spanish verses), may be purchased by visiting calling1 800 566-6150.

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Steven Warner is the founder and also director of the Notre Dame Folk Choir. He has actually been a member of the campus minisattempt staff since 1979.Under his guidance, the folk choir has actually continued to develop new ritual song, for usage on both Notre Dame’s campus and also throughout the English-speaking civilization. For even more than 25 years, the ensemble has toured generally throughout the USA and also Canada. In 2008, Warner was recognized as Musician of the Year by the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.Warner’s spiritual music is publimelted through WLP Publications of Chicearlier. In the past three years, WLP released two taped collections of sacred music by the individual choir. A new repertoire, “Tune My Heart,” will be released in fall of 2014.