Urban Decay"s Naked palette is a cult-favourite and also for great factor. The shade selection is tremendous and also the top quality is top-notch! Because the launch of their original palette ago in 2010, Urban Decay has actually come out through a variety of various other really amazing Naked palettes and it’s difficult for me to select which one is my favourite. While all of the palettes suit will certainly suit everyone, this write-up will certainly help you identify which palette is best for you!

Beauty lovers will certainly desire to include all of the Naked palettes to their repertoire but right here are some tips to choose the ideal palette for you to start with:

Naked1 Palette


I find this palette right if you have actually a heat skin tone and pairs nicely through gold jewelry. The Naked1 Palette changed neutral eye shadows forever! This palette has 12 warm neutral shades that range from matte nude to shimmering metallic gunmetal. Tright here are even more shimmer finishes in this palette than matte, however the range is still tright here. My favourite shades are Buck, Half Baked, and also Darksteed. This palette is perfect for creating everyday looks and also the shadows deserve to easily be gathered to develop evening-appropriate looks as well.

Naked Ultimate Basics

This palette is neutral enough to compliment all skin tones, so everyone have the right to pull this one off effortlessly! This palette is composed of 12 extremely pigmented neutrals. All of the shades have actually a matte end up, so matte-addicts are going to love this one! The shade selection is quite extensive varying from a light nude all the method to a warm black.My favourite shades in this palette are Blow, Extra Bitter, and Lockout. This palette is perfect for day-to-day looks and also Extra Bitter is such a perfect shade for creating autumn looks!

Naked2 Palette


This palette is cooler in tone than the original, making it ideal suited for those through cool skin tones. While Naked 1 looks good via gold jewelry, the Naked 2 palette is good for those that wear most silver. This palette consists of 12 affluent taupe-hued neutrals that are far from boring! The shade variety consists of cooler tones from a creamy bisque to a gold bronze shimmer, to the blackest-black matte. 8 out of the 12 shades are shimmers in this palette and you are easily able to develop a range of looks with it.My favourite shades are Chopper, Suspect, and also Pistol. These shades all look good on their own for an effortlessly glam look however still job-related well via the other shades in the palette too!

Naked3 Palette



Like the Ultimate Basics palette, the Naked 3 works well with all skin tones so everyone can pull these shades off via ease! This palette contains 12 rose-hued neutrals ranging from the palest pink matte to a smoky babsence with sparkling flecks of red! There are a couple of more shimmer shadows in this palette than matte ones, yet aacquire, the array is still there! My favourite shades in this palette are Burnout, Trick, and also Factory. Millennial Pink and rose gold hues are a substantial trfinish ideal now and this palette has all the shades you need to attain the look!

Naked Heat Palette


This is definitely the hottest Naked eyeshadow palette yet! It contains 12 amber-hued neutrals which include warm browns, burned oranges, and well-off siennas. My favourite shades are Lumbre, Dirty Talk, and He Devil.

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While this palette certainly brings the warm, it additionally makes the perfect autumn eyeshadow palette and also is going to perfectly match all of your autumn outfits! The ideal news? This one works through all skin tones also, so everyone have the right to achieve that fiery copper eye look!

Still not certain which Urban Decay Naked palette is the ideal for you? That’s okay, you have the right to takethis short quiz to find out which one is perfect for you! After taking the quiz I was matched via the Naked 2 palette, which is perfect because I have a cooler complexion.

While I love the Naked 2 palette and it works incredibly well through my skin tone, I still reap using all of the palettes. They are all very versatile and also I’m sure you will have actually just as much fun as I perform playing approximately via them all!