Step 1: Shampoo

We’ll shampoo and condition your hair with top-of-the-line products designed to prep your hair for the blowout. Your stylist will select commodities fit for YOUR hair type and also preferred results. Choose to add on a 10 minute scalp massage or a selection of various other conditioning treatments to your shampoo.

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Step 2: Blowout

We’ll blow dry your hair area by area making use of our professional round brush approach and a high-powered blow dryer.

Lifting your hair from the roots will include volume, while the round brush minimizes frizz, smooths the hair, and also adds shine.

Tip 3: Style

We’ll add curls, waves, volume, texture, or whatever we have to achieve the finiburned look you’re going for. You’ll leave feeling refreburned, confident and also through a style that will last for days.

Choose from among our 5 blowout styles right here.

Still have questions?

See our FAQ listed below.

General Questions:
What is a Blowout Bar?

Our salons emphasis exclusively on blowouts, complete with a food selection of various styles, up-do’s, and also braids to choose from. We aim for convenience and fun. Indulge in the affordable luxury, while watching your favorite chick flick on our TVs.

How is a blowout bar different than a salon?

We leave the hair cutting and also coloring to the conventional salons. We emphasis on one thing and also are the ideal at it: the blowout!

Do you have actually a cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations should be made 3 hours before the begin time of the appointment. Guests who perform not cancel before the 3 hour time structure will certainly be charged 50% of business booked. All no-contact, no-present appointments will certainly be charged 100% of company booked.

Late Policy: If you are over 10 minutes late for your appointment, you might be subject to adjust your blowout to a dry style and/or we may must reschedule your appointment.

What if I have extensions?

No problem! Our licensed stylists are trained to offer an excellent blowout via or without extensions. If you’re getting a blowout and also have actually extensions in, it will certainly be a secondary $14. If you would certainly choose to bring your clip-in extensions to your appointment and have actually us style, it will certainly be an additional $14.

Pro-tip: We have Blowout via Extensions packages so you deserve to gain the a lot of bang for your buck. Check out your alternatives right here.

Do you sell services for kids?

Yes! A 5 and also under Blowout is $35 and a dry style or occasion style is $30.

How can I schedule an appointment?

You have the right to call us or book digital. Easy peasy!

Do you accept walk-ins?

Of course! We recommend making an appointment given that we cannot guarantee availcapacity for walk-ins.

Do you market on-website services?

No we carry out not travel out of the salon. Feel complimentary to take into consideration coming into among our 3 locations.

Do you offer makeup services?

We sure do!

Full Face $60Eyes & Lips Only $30Eyes Only $25Lashes $15 ($10 if included on to a makeup service)

You can schedule your makeup appointment online or give us a call.

Do you market blowout packages?

Yes! Please visit our Savings Page or speak to us for details.

Can I buy gift cards?

Absolutely! We offer them in our salons or you have the right to also purchase them digital.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and also credit cards. Gratuity in cash is much appreciated!

What type of hair commodities do you use?

We simply love our products! Visit Kevin Murphy and Oribe to learn more. Products we use are sold in our salons.

What is a dry style?

We skip the shampoo and blowout and also go directly to styling. Come in with clean, dry hair.

Can you accommodate teams or parties?

We love to! Please speak to us for details.

Is tbelow unique pricing for parties and/or groups?

Pricing remains the exact same whether it’s simply you or a team of 20. Check out our Menu page for a list of pricing.

Can I lug in food and/or beverages?

Absolutely! You have the right to bring in any kind of food items you’d choose. You’re not allowed to lug in your own alcohol, yet you deserve to purchase wine and champagne at all 3 of our locations!

How many civilization can you accommodate at one time?

That depends on the day and time of your party. Please speak to to find out even more information around your particular day and also time.

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How much in development should I book?

It’s ideal to book as shortly as you deserve to. Please call to inspect availcapability.