Our Statement of MissionPrevent Cancer. Serve and also Support the Cancer Community. Advocate for Meaningful Change.

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Our VisionTo shift the core narrative from one defined by charitable bureaucratic cost, to one that celebprices collective donor affect.

We ValueTransparency and also Stewardship.

We SupportDiversity and Inclusion.

United Cancer Support Foundation

We are a 501(c)3 belief based charity. We administer cancer prevention education and learning and sources while maintaining the dignity of the cancer neighborhood.

NOTE: Program Services Not Available in all States


Designed to assistance cancer patients with gifts that carry out relaxation and also comfort during cancer treatment.


Our free recliner program assists patients undergoing chemotreatment, Just apply and also pickup your chair.


United Cancer Support Foundation uses free mammograms nationwide to underserved populaces. Apply or click listed below.

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In 2021 United Cancer Support Foundation ongoing to administer regime solutions to the cancer neighborhood. Our cancer prevention/elevation of awareness, and also face-to-confront programs moved to a virtual platform however, we continued to carry out cost-free “Circle of Care” mammograms across the country in addition to our “Gifts of Comfort and Care” and also neighborhood “Recliners for Recovery” programs.


What is hereditary testing? Genetic experimentation is the use of clinical tests to look for changes(mutations) in a person’s genes. The changes in genes or mutations play an important duty in the breakthrough of cancer. They can cause cells to grow out of regulate which can bring about cancer. According to National Cancer Institute, inherited <…>

How they conduct study HeritX is collaborating with leading experts across scientific research, medicine, and also technology. Each HeritX-supported research study and also breakthrough program to proccasion inherited BRCA cancer has been closely schosen after trying out and also exaltering concepts through more than 200 research groups global. To encertain the finest feasible clinical techniques and decisions, HeritX carried together <…>

It is normally not feasible to know precisely why one person establishes cancer and also an additional doesn’t. But research has actually displayed that specific hazard determinants might boost a person’s opportunities of occurring cancer. The list below has the most-studied known or suspected hazard components for cancer. Although some of these hazard components can be avoided, others—such <…>

Immunotherapy Immunotreatment is a type of cancer therapy that usage the host immune system to fight cancer. The immune mechanism is consisted of antibodies, white blood cells, and also other chemicals and proteins that strike and also ruin substances such as bacteria and virsupplies that they recognize as foreign and different from the body’s normal healthy tconcerns. <…>