A quick how-to on shooting the Mozambique Drill. This is a great exercise to occupational on speed, accuracy and also self-defense tactics.

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“Two to the body, one to the head, is guaranteed to leave them dead.”

This bit rhyme, refers to the Mozambique Drill. While catchy mottoes are simple to remember, the strategy itself deserve to be difficult to master. It takes focus, determination, and plenty of practice to pull off the Mozambique Drill conveniently and also effectively.

Although 2 shots to the vitals of an attacker will certainly sheight a threat cold in the majority of instances, it doesn’t work 100 percent of the time. That’s why practicing the Mozambique Drill is so necessary. It’s a handy tool to have actually in your protective tool box simply in situation shots to facility mass don’t achieve what they are expected to do. 

What Encouraged the Mozambique Drill

Two to the Chest, One to the Head


Mozambique soldiers throughout the nation’s civil battle. (Photo credit: BlackPast.com)

Although the legendary Col. Jeff Cooper is attributed with occurring the Mozambique Drill, he had actually a small help. The drill was motivated by an event encountered by Rhodesian mercenary Mike Rousseau throughout the Mozambican War of Independence (1964 to about 1974). 

Engaged in a firefight at an airport in Lourenco Marques, Rousseau encountered a guerilla fighter armed via an AK-47. Relying on instinct and also training, Rousseau yielded a twin tap to the combatant’s chest via his Browning Hi Power pistol and 9mm ammunition. Rousseau then lowered his weapon to the ready place. However before, the guerilla soldier kept coming, with two bleeding wounds to the torso, and still armed via his rifle. 

After a quick assessment of the case, Rousseau tried for a swarm to the man’s central nervous system. Although he aimed for the fighter’s ocular cavity, the adrenaline coursing via Rousseau’s body brought about him to miss. Thankfully, the swarm hit the attacker’s throat, severing his spinal cord and also eliminating the hazard. 

Upon hearing the story of Rousseau’s encounter, Cooper included a three-swarm drill right into his training at the renowned Gunwebsite Academy. He called it after the nation wbelow the occurrence developed, dubbing his drill “the Mozambique Drill.”

A/K/A Faitempt Drill

The drill is also sometimes dubbed the “Faitempt Drill,” as the third and also last swarm is made in response to a instance once the double tap fails to soptimal an advancing risk. 

Modern zombie culture has actually additionally appropriated the Mozambique Drill. Don’t be surprised to hear the drill referred to as the “Zombie Drill” or “Zombie Check”. Apparently, the just method to sheight a zombie is through a well-put head swarm. 

Why The Mozambique Drill is Necessary

The idea of the Mozambique Drill is to ensure a danger is stopped also if the initial center mass shots fail to acquire the project done. If the targain proceeds to advancement despite 2 well-placed shots to the torso, the shooter adheres to up through an extra specifically aimed (and also more difficult to accomplish) head shot. An exact shot to the T-zone (the area between the eyebrows and also top lip, additionally called the ocular cavity) damages the brain and main nervous system and secures instant incapacitation of the targain. 

This is an reliable way to speak a danger that isn’t immediately quit by two shots to the body’s center mass. Hitting the T-zone is a difficulty. Heads bob approximately erratically and the effective zone is reasonably small. Miss the zone, and also the projectile might deflect off the bony locations of the skull without eliminating the hazard. 

Three Shots Are Sometimes Better Than Two


Although in the majority of cases, the two perfectly put shots to the chest need to disable an attacker, tbelow are a number of reasons they could fail. Body armor, additional thick apparel, psychoenergetic drugs, or also a massive adrenaline dump are all factors those first 2 shots might not be reliable on your taracquire. 

However, since you won’t have actually time to interview your attacker in the warm of the moment, the specific cause of the faientice isn’t vital. No matter the reason, the third swarm must sheight the attacker in his tracks. 

So why not just send the first shot to the head?

Center mass shots are simpler to make quickly. 

The bottom line: Accurate head shots are difficult. Center mass is easier to hit easily, and also in the majority of situations will certainly successfully speak a threat. Shots to the chest deserve to additionally slow-moving an attacker’s advancement, also if they don’t entirely incapacitate him. Therefore, the more tough head swarm must be used as a follow up to your double tap.

How to perform The Mozambique Drill

What it works:

Accuracy with speed.Self-defense strategies.

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Position a silhouette taracquire (preferably via outlined V1 and V2 zones) five yards from the firing line. 

At the begin signal, attract your weapon and fire 2 shots to the chest (V1 zone), complied with by one swarm to the head (V2 zone). The Mozambique drill is performed for both accuracy and also time. If any kind of of your three shots miss, you have actually failed the drill. The shots should be fired as rapid as you are able, but they shouldn’t be so fast that you miss your intfinished tarobtain. 

Your goal have to be 3 exact shots in under four secs. It’s a lot harder than you may think. If you have the right to effectively perdevelop the drill in under five seconds, you’re doing better than a lot of regulation enforcement officers.

Under 3 seconds, and you’ve acquired some major abilities.


Practical Variations to the Mozambique Drill

Remember, the Mozambique drill is designed for a defensive instance wbelow the initially two shots faicaused sheight an attacker. 

One of the earliest versions of this three-swarm drill compelled law enforcement officers to fire two shots at center mass, then reduced their weapon to the ready position while assessing the require for the 3rd head shot. However before, in a dynamic case, the fractivity of a 2nd it takes to assess the danger could put your life in risk. 

Today, a lot of instructors teach their students to hold the pistol on taracquire after the first two shots. Then, they have the right to make a smooth transition to the third V2 swarm if it is vital. 

If you’re searching for some variety in your training, one helpful application of the drill is to fire the initially two shots to the target’s facility mass (V1), then take two measures earlier to produce distance before the third shot. 

You deserve to also take 2 steps to the side to gain offline of the strike before making the last head swarm. Even better (although much more difficult), make the last shot as you’re relocating offline. 

These two enhancements to the drill might make a people of distinction in a real-life self-defense situation. However before, this drill is greatly concerned via enhancing your shooting abilities fairly than finding out the nuances of self-defense tactics. Suitable tactics can vary greatly relying on the scenarios and also case. 

Final Thoughts

Although rate is absolutely among the goals of the Mozambique Drill, it isn’t practically as vital as accuracy. It doesn’t matter exactly how quick you can pull off rounds if they don’t hit your targain.

Transitioning in between targets have the right to take some gaining supplied to, especially for shooters still trying to get some endure under their belts. If you start slinging your lead outside of the V1 or V2 areas, slow-moving it down. Once you have the right to accomplish repeatable accuracy, then you can start to speed things up.