Turn a blind eye is among many kind of prevalent eye related idioms in English. Other languperiods have expressions via eye also. This infographic offered to us by call lens retailer Lenkeep reflects 10 eye idioms from other langueras that don’t exist in English. For example, the Spanish ‘Me costó un ojo de la cara (It cost me an eye from the face) suggests something very expensive. The English equivalent would certainly be ‘It expense me an arm an a leg’. Similarly, the Germale ‘eye’ idiom ‘Tomaten auf den Augen haben’ (Tomatoes on ones’s eyes) implies to fail to view something apparent.

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Turn a blind eye meaning

This expression indicates to disregard a truth or fact that you like not to recognize around.


We are only as blind as we want to be – Maya Angelou

Example sentences

Police police officers need to not turn a blind eye to any kind of illegal tasks they understand about.She was able to revolve a blind eye as soon as she uncovered out that her husband was cheating on herTeachers occasionally revolve a blind eye to bullying at schoolsThe owner of the apartment turned a blind eye as soon as he uncovered out that 2 families were living there


The modern-day day ‘revolve a blind eye‘ is a shortened version of the idiom first checked out in 1698 ‘to revolve the deaf ear and the blind eye’.

The first citing of the shorter modern version dates back to 1832 in The New Sporting magazine.

«and also it is equally easy for him to turn a blind eye to the trespasser by day…» 

The phrase then became popular in 1801 through Admiral Horatio Nelson. Nelkid had actually formerly been blinded in one eye throughout the war via France. Throughout a succeeding battle he was offered orders to withattract his soldiers but decided to disregard the signalling of the flags. Lifting a telescope to his blind eye, Nelchild supposedly shelp to his remarkable » I have actually only one eye, I can be blind sometimes»


Although the phrase ‘rotate a blind eye’ was currently in visibility, Nelboy made it renowned.

Other idiomatic expressions through eye

Eye someone up

When you eye someone up you look at them in a method that mirrors you are attracted to them

The guys were eying the girls up at the discotheque.

Be all eyes

When you are all eyes you are watcing somepoint with your complete attention

When the crucial complement started on TV we were all eyes

An eye for an eye

The idiomatic biblical phrase describes the law of retaliation and exacting revenge by doing to someone exactly what has actually been done to you.

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For instance if a man kills an additional man, the household of the victim could say «He must be executed». An eye for an eye.

See eye to eye

If you check out eye to eye via someone you both entirely agree about something. The negative is ‘not to watch eye to eye:

My supervisor and also I do not see eye to eye

Video!I can’t revolve a blind eye to murder

As we have seen in previous articles, using English idiomatic expressions will include selection, colour, and also imagery to how you communicate. And, of course, idioms not just will make you sound more natural and fluent, but will certainly likewise help you understand native speakers.