Raise your hand also if you’ve felt personally victimized by Trojan brand's confmaking use of condom names. When I was recomposing the product descriptions of all the Trojan condoms on nlinux.org, I dissolved right into tears even more times than I’m proud to admit. Everypoint is so comparable, it have the right to be genuine job-related informing them acomponent.

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But I learned something –Trojan offers specific keywords to signify their various assets. And occasionally, they gain a little confutilizing. So, I’ve made this cipher to aid you navigate their food selection of coital delights, especially for while you are reading up on our Trojan reviews.



I’m certain you think you recognize what Magnum indicates. Many civilization associate the Magnum through larger sized condoms, and for Trojan, that’s true. But for various other brands, they’re actually on the smaller side of larger-sized condoms. What classifies the Magnums best is their tapered fit. The width at the band also is the smallest width on the condom. It slowly tapers out bigger, all the means to the head.


Condoms in this category: Trojan Magnum,Trojan Magnum Ribbed, Trojan Magnum Ecstasy,Trojan Magnum Thin, Trojan Magnum XL.

Her Pleasure

You understand I’ve acquired beef with the Her Pleasure label. But once you view a condom from Trojan that’s labeled as being for Her Pleasure, don’t let that turn you away if your love-making doesn’t involve anyone who identifies as a her. Her Pleasure simply implies that these condoms are textured. Ribs are the Trojan method of showing texture. Sometimes, these prophylactics are labeled as Sensations rather of Her Pleasure. That name suits the condom a little better.


Condoms in this category:Trojan Her Pleacertain Sensations, Trojan Her Pleacertain Ecstasy, Trojan Her Pleasure with Spermicide.


Trojan Ecstasy prophylactics don’t come with pleacertain boosting drugs in the lubricant, contrary to what some suspect. The Ecstasy keyword means that these prophylactics have bulbed heads on the end, making them a terrific fit for folks with uncircumcised penises, or those who have actually girth concerns that aren’t addressed totally by the Magnum prophylactics. These condoms generally carry out not have actually reservoir tips.


Condoms in this category: Trojan Double Ecstasy, Trojan Pure Ecstasy, Trojan Her Pleacertain Ecstasy, Trojan Magnum Ecstasy.


The Trojan ENZ are the most basic kind of condom on the sector. They’re right in the average of sizes, they don’t have actually anything distinct (unless otherwise noted), no ribs, bumps, bulbed head, or unique lube. They’re type of just your daily condom, straight-fit, via a reservoir pointer and also a water-based lube.


Condoms in this category: Trojan ENZ, Trojan ENZ Non-Lubricated, Trojan ENZ with Spermicide.


Trojan’s decision to name one of their condoms the BareSkin was honestly not a great principle. Why? Because they currently have actually a condom called the BareSkin Non-Latex Supra, which is made of polyurethane. And unfortunately, many our customers acquire the two puzzled which can be dangerous for someone who has a latex allergy. Sort of like how Durex brandoffered to have actually the Avanti Bare condom and the Avanti Non-Latex (now dubbed the Durex Real Feel-- thanks for clearing that up, Durex!). Ugh.

But the actual BareSkin is just a super thin latex condom, almost similar to the Trojan Ultra-Thin however just the tiniest little bit shorter. In reality, Trojan has a number of thin condoms that don't always have the word in their name. So it have the right to be simple to be puzzled. Unlike the Ecstasy or the Her Pleasure, these condoms might come in a broad selection of forms and sizes, so it have the right to be difficult to tell which are thin just by looking at them and also not feeling them.


Condoms in this category: Trojan BareSkin, Trojan Bare Skin Non-Latex Supra,Trojan Thintensity, Trojan Ultra Thin, Trojan Ultra Thin through Spermicide.


Okay, Trojan. You have the Ultra-Ribbed, the Intense Ribbed, the Charged Orgasmic (which is all around the ribs)... prefer, honestly, Trojan? I’m worried about you. Your mom is as well. We desire you to come home and also speak this nonsense.

These prophylactics are all about the ribs. Sort of like the Her Pleasure prophylactics. In fact, why have the Her Pleasure condoms as soon as tright here are so many kind of various other ribbed condoms?


Condoms in this category: Trojan Charged Orgasmic, Trojan Intense Ribbed, Trojan Stimulations Ribbed, Trojan Ultra Ribbed, Trojan Ultra Ribbed through Spermicide,Trojan Twisted Pleasure.

Fire& Ice

A couple years earlier, when the Trojan Fire &Ice condom came out,they were type of the massive point. Combination lubes on condoms had never before really been done on a condom prior to, even though warming and also cooling lubeshad actually been approximately for a while.

Now Trojan hin its entirety line of Fire &Ice prophylactics. So if you see the Fire &Ice label on your favorite Trojan condom, it implies that they come through a warming/cooling lube combo. Some civilization find this lube to be uncomfortable or an irritant, so exercise utilizing them through caution! They additionally contain nonoxynol-9, likewise recognized as spermicide, which we carry out not recommend unless there are no other condom alternatives easily accessible.


Condoms in this category: Trojan Fire &Ice.

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Extended Pleasure

Trojan just has actually one orgasm regulate condom, the Trojan Extended Pleasure. These prophylactics come with a lubricant on the inside that numbs the penis slightly, avoiding early on blast off.