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We love a great bushy brow. In reality, tright here could be nopoint we covet even more than complete, thick arches—choose Cara Delevinge or Cindy Crawford à la 1992—and also for the reextending overpluckers camp, overgrvery own eyebrows are the goal. Needmuch less to say, handling unruly hair isn"t the worst difficulty to have, particularly if you have the best devices for keeping them tidy.

So, what are the go-to tools for tidying up long, wiry, or unalso brows? Small angled scissors, precision razors, and electric facial hair removal tools can all obtain the task done. Keeping a designated brow brush or comb within reach isn"t a bad concept either.

Scroll down for the ideal eyebrow trimmers obtainable today.

Our Top Picks
Best Overall:
Tweezerguy Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush at Amazon
They’re easy to manage and also expertly trim also the slightest overgrowth.
Best Budget:
Schick Disposable Razors at Amazon
These high-high quality knives are a versatile go-to for rerelocating stray eyebrow hair.
Best Drugstore:
Revlon Brow Set at Amazon
This little kit has actually everything you must preserve your eyebrows.
Best Razor:
Tinkle Eyebrow Razor at Amazon
With little heads, just-sharp-enough blades, and also lightweight handles, they"re ideal for rerelocating undesirable hairs.
Best Scissors:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors at Sephora
Get super-straight lines and exact angles within a millimeter via these.
Best Precision:
Sephora Collection Razor Set at Sephora
The consisted of security guard has a comb and also brow brush on either finish, helping you gain straight, even lines every time.
Best Electric:
Reazeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover at Amazon
It recharges via a USB cable, so you never need to problem about running out of batteries.
Best Multi-Use:
Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer at Amazon
We favor that you can usage this tool for tidying up your arcs or removing any other unwanted facial hair.
Best Kit:
Hizek Eyebrow Kit at Amazon
It comes with multiple razors, scissors, and also tweezers, plus a comb, a brush, and also a dermaplaning tool.
Best for Travel:
Tweezerman Folding Razor at Amazon
Thanks to the compact, foldable style, you deserve to accomplish your best brows ever before, no issue wbelow you are or wbelow you"re headed.
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Best Overall:Tweezermale Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush


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If you're in the industry for a solid pair of eyebrow scissors, look no additionally than Anastasia Beverly Hills. Made in Italy and also crafted from high-high quality steel with extra-thin knives, these scissors aren't messing roughly.

They make it basic to gain super-right lines and also precise angles within a millimeter. Not just that, however the coated finger grips save you comfy as you hone in on perfect arcs.

Best Precision:Sephora Collection Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set

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For immaculately clean lines and specific angles, pick up Sephora's Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set. It comes via two little razors through Japanese stainless steel blades, which are notably sharp yet gentle against the skin. The had safety guard has actually a comb and brow brush on either end, helping you get straight, even lines every time.

Best Electric:Reazeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover

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To rate things up, you can attempt this electrical hair remover. The pen-prefer pointer has tiny stainmuch less steel chisels, moving a close, precise shave approximately your brows. It"s lightweight, entirely painmuch less, doesn"t pull at your skin, and will not reason redness or irritation. Also, it recharges through a USB cable, so you never have to concern around running out of batteries.

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Best Multi-Use:Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer

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We're likewise loving the Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer. This sleek little male has actually a handy pivoting head, permitting you to effortlessly maneuver it roughly the contours of your face.

It's powered by a AAA battery and also comes through 2 comb attachments. Snap one on and run it directly over your eyebrows to trim them to your preferred length (not unprefer trimming combs for electrical razors). We choose that you deserve to use this tool for tidying up your arcs or removing any kind of other unwanted facial hair.

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Best Kit:Hizek 6 in 1 Eyebrow Kit

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If you want the functions, the Hizek Eyebrow Kit has you spanned. It comes through multiple razors, scissors, and tweezers, all made of resilient stainmuch less steel, plus a comb, a brush, and also a dermaplaning tool. You"ll have all the essentials and then some for trimming, plucking, and shaving actually your way to show-avoiding arcs.

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Best for Travel:Tweezerman Precision Folding Razor

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You'll be glad to have this tool in your beauty kit as soon as you're traveling or just out and also around. With a little razor on one end and a brush on the other, it's every little thing you need for keeping well-groomed arches on the fly.

The stainless steel blade is ideal for accessing hard-to-reach angles in breakable areas while obtaining the clean lines you crave. Thanks to the compact, foldable design, you have the right to achieve your best brows ever, no matter where you are or wbelow you're headed.

Final Verdict

The ideal eyebrow trimmer overall is the Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors. With sharp, thin steel blades, a comfortable ergonomic design, and also an included eyebrow brush, it"s no wonder they"re a favorite among brow experts. Having said that, the Revlon Brow Set is an extra affordable variation via the exact same tools. You"ll gain a pair of steel scissors via big finger loops for precision trimming, plus a spoolie for brushing up your eyebrow hairs.

What to Look For in an Eyebrow Trimmer


Tbelow are a couple of various types of eyebrow trimmers to consider. You've gained brow scissors, which are commonly little and made of stainmuch less steel via pointed knives for precision trimming.

Razors are another renowned alternative. They typically have lightweight plastic handles and little chisels, making it basic to job-related your method around your eyebrows without accidentally shaving them off. Then tbelow are electric hair removers, which come via various heads and also attachments for trimming your eyebrows and also cleaning up the neighboring area.

Ergonomic Deauthorize

When trimming your eyebrows, it deserve to be difficult to get the right angles. You commonly have to place your hand in multiple positions to acquire the task done. That's why we recommfinish looking for a tool with an ergonomic architecture.

This might suppose scissors with comfortable handles or angled chisels, a razor through a slightly sloped handle, or an electrical hair remover via a lightweight shaft or a pivoting head.


Many eyebrow trimmers are relatively compact, though some are even more portable than others. When traveling via razors, look for choices that fold up or at least have safety and security caps—and always make sure to examine your toiletries so you do not get quit by TSA. As for electric hair removers, opt for a lightweight choice that either recharges via a USB cable or takes a standard battery.

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