For many type of, Mae West is memorable only for her display functions, particularly Lady Lou in She Done Him Wrong and also Tira in I"m No Angel, both from 1933 and also both co-starring Cary Grant. In the first of these films, West asks Grant, "Why don"t you come up some time and check out me?" In the second, she changes the line: "Come up and also check out me some time."

But West not only starred in these films (and a couple of others prior to the enforcement of the Hays Code made her blatantly sexual persona disshow up from the screen), she produced them. Long before Hollywood, she not only performed her best role--Mae West--she composed and also created her own plays, and also the majority of of her movies were based upon her very own scripts.

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Tright here is so a lot to say around West--but rather of me composing around her, I think it"s finest to let West speak for herself. These are just a few of her memorable, and also memorably quotable, lines:
It isn"t what I carry out, yet exactly how I do it. It isn"t what I say, yet how I say it, and exactly how I look as soon as I execute it and also say it.
Marriage is a good college, yet I"m not all set for an school yet.I provided to be Snow White, but I drifted.She"s the sort of girl that climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong.When womales go wrong, males go best after them.There are no excellent girls gone wrong, just negative girls discovered out.Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you simply happy to check out me?Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to check out me?It is much better to be looked over than overlooked.Keep a diary, and one day it"ll store you.To err is huguy, yet it feels divine.Love conquers all points except poverty and toothache.I"ve been rich and also I"ve been poor. Believe me, well-off is much better.Virtue has its own reward, but no sale at the box office.Those that are conveniently shocked should be shocked more frequently.I choose my garments to be tight enough to show I"m a woguy, however loose sufficient to show I"m a lady.You"re never before as well old to come to be younger.I choose restraint, if it doesn"t go also much.I never before issue about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you gain in a diamond.A dame that knows the ropes isn"t most likely to obtain tied up.I never before loved another perkid the way I loved myself.Love thy neighbor--and also if he happens to be tall, debonair and also devastating, it will be that a lot easier.It"s all right for a perfect stranger to kiss your hand as lengthy as he"s perfect.It"s not the guys in my life that count, it"s the life in my guys.Eexceptionally guy I satisfy wants to safeguard me. I can"t number out what from.A guy in the residence is worth 2 in the street.A tough male is good to find.Ten guys waiting for me at the door? Send one of them home, I"m tired.Give a male a free hand also and he"ll run it almost everywhere you.A man can be short and also dumpy and obtaining bald yet if he has actually fire, womales will favor him.An ounce of performance is worth pounds of assures.Don"t store a guy guessing too long -- he"s sure to uncover the answer in other places.Flattery will certainly acquire you all over.I"ve been things and seen places.I"m no angel, but I"ve spreview my wings a bit.The score never before interested me, only the game.Men are my hobby. If I ever acquired married I"d need to give it up.So many men . . . so little time.I just favor two kinds of men, residential and also imported.I go for 2 kinds of guys. The sort via muscles, and also the sort without.I only have actually "yes" males approximately me. Who demands "no" men?Save a boyfriend for a rainy day--and also another, in situation it does not rain.Some males are all best in their place--if they just knew the appropriate places!I like a male who"s good, however not as well good--for the good die young, and also I hate a dead one.I feel prefer a million tonight. But one at a time.Men? Sure, I"ve known lots of them. But I never discovered one I preferred well enough to marry. Besides, I"ve constantly been busy via my work-related. Marriage is a career in itself and also to make a success of it you"ve gained to keep working at it. So until I have the right to give the appropriate amount of time to marital relationship, I"ll continue to be single.His mother must have actually thrown him out and preserved the stork.He"s the kind of guy a woman would have to marry to remove.Don"t marry a man to redevelop him--that"s what reform colleges are for.It takes 2 to acquire one in trouble.Too many type of girls follow the line of least resistance--however an excellent line is hard to resist.Good woguys are no fun. The only great woguy I have the right to respeak to in history was Betsy Ross. And all she ever before made was a flag.Good sex is favor good Bridge. If you do not have a good companion, you"d much better have actually an excellent hand also.Diamonds is my career.When it comes to finances, remember that tright here are no withholding taxes on the weras of sin.No gold-digging for me. I take diamonds! We may be off the gold typical one day.You deserve to carry out what you desire, yet conserving love does not bring any interemainder.Any time you got nopoint to perform and also many time to carry out it, come on up.Anypoint worth doing is worth doing progressively.Kiss and also make up--however also a lot makeup has damaged many a kiss.Brains are an asset to the womale in love who"s smart sufficient to hide "em.Say what you desire about lengthy dresses, yet they cover a multitude of shins.Cultivate your curves--they may be dangerous but they will not be avoided.The curve is more powerful than the sword.I"ve remained in more laps than a napkin.I"d favor to check out Paris before I die. Philadelphia will carry out.I watch you"re a man with ideals. I much better be going before you"ve still got them.Womales with "pasts" interest guys because men hope that history will certainly repeat itself.Don"t ever make the very same mistake twice, unmuch less it pays.You just live as soon as, but if you execute it right, once is sufficient.

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And, one of my favorites, since I"ve currently posted on Catherine the Great. Here"s Mae West from a speech she yielded throughout a curtain call after she percreated her play Catherine Was Great: "She ruled thirty million human being and also had 3 thousand also lovers. I carry out the best I can in 2 hrs."

Tbelow are many wonderful biographies in addition to the films--and also many kind of websites. Unfortunately, the web links to these websites are transforming all the moment, and I can"t save up with "fixing" all the damaged web links. So if you want to start analysis digital, I imply the TCM "overview" of Mae West--click below.