Hi everyone! I'm really curious as to what you all think... I'm trying to assist suggest just ONE to my sister, yet I've just really used UD for eva, so I am not the pro on this conflict. (I newly got Too Faced Shadow Insurance and immediately noticed it turned matte very well and also thought it looked amazing) BTW, I need to say additionally, that I have the smashbox Photoend up Lid Primer and also I hate it. So.... thoughts in between these 2??THANKS!jannaxo


I prefer the Too Faced shadow insurance much better - I prefer the squeeze bottle better because you have the right to get all of the product out. I don't like UD's bottle exceptionally a lot, I can't tell how much is left and also I don't think I can acquire every one of it out. I think they both occupational just as wellthough.



UDPP comes in a tube now so the bottle isn't an concern anymore. Depends on your eyelids. In my experience; TFSI's texture is dry, so it's much better for oilier lids, the original UDPP is not as dry is excellent for dryer lids. However, UDPP in Eden is extremely dry and also chalky, which is good for oily lids. I can use both without seeing a difference because my lids are neither dry oroily.


I use ud but I can't say it really does anypoint for me...been reasoning about trying 2 face shadow insurance for a whilenow....www.youtube.com/deannaLrosewww.deannaLclimbed.com


Well, between the 2, I'd say UD Primer Potion. But these aren't the best in my opinion. Though they're the the majority of popular. My favorite primer is actually Lime Crime! Here's the link! ^.^ http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/products/EYESHADOW-HELPER-waterproof-eyeshadow-primer.html Seriously, I have the right to not describe in words how impressive this formulation is! Even the packaging! I love primers in jars a lot more than in tubes or with wands because all you have to perform is swipe your finger over it and put it on your lid also coverage, no mess... Yeah, this isperfection.

Feb 24, 2012

Courtney A.

I have to go with too challenged. I used urban religiously for a long time prior to I tried out shadow insurance, and now i've totallyswitched

Feb 24, 2012

Jasmine P.

For me personally, I usage UDPP once my lids are even more oily (summer) and TFSI when my lids are more dry (winter). For some reason that's just exactly how it works for my skin. I understand though that for both the outcomes are extremely similar for shadow pigmentation and also continuing to be power. It kind of simply counts on just how your sister's skin is.

Feb 25, 2012

Jane A.

I've constantly offered UDPP. The brand-new packaging currently a days is really excellent, and I usage a small dot, so I have actually a lot primer left.Although, after I complete this one, I'm going to attempt Too Face following.=)

Feb 25, 2012

Bianca T.

For me, UDPP is perfect because my lids are oily (weird on my dry skin) and also it's even more of a silky complete primer. TFSI felt method too greasy on me and took too long to dry, but it all depends on your skin kind.:)

Feb 25, 2012

Jessica O.

UDPP lover for life. its awesome for my creasedlids

Feb 25, 2012

Anjum C.

I actually did a video on this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya5lmGyM-tY&feature=plcp&context=C313df65UDOEgsToPDskJRmbongzQhbe8sRhxQzwjYLong story brief... They occupational around the very same for me. And currently that they both have a squeezy tube it doesn't make a distinction. Just go through the one you choose the packaging for most.:)

Feb 25, 2012

Angel C.

I choose Too Faced personally. Use it everyday prior to doing my make-up and also it really keeps the shadow inplace.

Feb 27, 2012

Janna G.

Wow, give thanks to you so much everyone for these awesome responses!!! I actually did an eye "test" and wore one on each eyelid the other day. I had on dark brvery own eyeshadow and liner, and at the finish of the day both were the EXACT exact same for me. And I will certainly include to that that I had zero creasing so both were fantastic!lol!

Feb 27, 2012

Cassie J.

i really execute like shadow insurance i uncover it to be more moisturizing on the eye lids, as soon as it involves continuing to be power and also longevity of eyeshadows i find both udpp and also shadow insurance do the exact same job but my eyelids get dry once usingudpp.

Feb 27, 2012

Stephanie M.

this was so helpful! i have pretty oily eyelids and also the UDPP doesnt really job-related forme!

Feb 27, 2012

Jazmine G.

I say both. They have the exact same impact for me.:)-Jazminewww.youtube.com/dollyjaz01

Mar 14, 2012

Francesca C.

I feel UDPP is as well grbasic and also slippery. Also I find that my shadows perform crease with UDPP. I like Shadow Insurance 100% better. It is matte and also isn't grbasic feeling. Also it keeps my eyeshadows on decentlywell

Mar 14, 2012

Andrea H.

I felt like UDPP wasn't as great. It was okay, however I heard it wasn't excellent for oily lids. It still creased on me. Also don't prefer how i can't necessarily get every one of the product out.The Too Faced shadow insurance is defos my favorite type of primer, no creasing and impressive application. I LOVE it. and also i favor the tube because you can acquire every one of the product out.though my tube busted open up so i can't usage it the exact same.-.

Mar 14, 2012

Jamie W.

I personally choose UDPP over as well challenged eye shadow insurance. I have actually hooded double eyelid and delivering is pretty much inevitable. At the end of the day the bottom corner of my eyes would gain smudged. I just discover that UDPP has actually much less smudging than shadow insurance for myeyes.

Mar 14, 2012

Tamara R.

I like the texture of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, however I gain much better wear time from Urban Decay Primer Potion. Also, the last time I used TFSS I had actually a really negative reactivity. Tried it a couple of even more times after my lids cleared up and had the exact same reaction, so I don't use it anyeven more.My favourite though, hregarding be Bamboom Repaint from MAC. If you can uncover one that works with your skin tone, I recommfinish it highly. Fantastic packaging and also the texture is regular. I've had actually the exact same tube (which is coming to an end) for years and it performs exactly the very same as it did on the day that I gotit.

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