Case Analysis Equipment : Discussion Bid or not to bid

TO BID OR NOT TO BID Background : Marvin was the president and also chief executive officer (CEO) of his company. The decision of whether or not to bid on a task over a particular dollar value rested entirely upon his shoulders. In the past, his company would certainly bid on all work that were an excellent fit through his company"s strategic objectives and the company"s win-to-loss proportion was great. But to bid on this project would certainly be challenging. The client was requesting certain information in the request for proposal (RFP) that Marvin did not want to release. If Marvin did not comply with the needs of the RFP, his company"s bid would be thought about as nonresponsive. Bidding Process Marvin"s agency was very effective at winning contracts via competitive bidding The company was proiect Driven ....

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Concern : 1. What other factors must Marvin and his team consider? The components to be thought about throughout biddingProfitabilityCapcapacity Chances of winning the bidLong term strategy of the companyPotential risk assessment Concern : 2. Should they bid on the job? yes

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