Someone asked for a citation and also I attempted to locate it, albeit poorly. It"s not a saying I"ve heard of in the UK and Google came up through a couple of references:

However before from speaking to some of the US users, they think the term has actually been approximately for longer.

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Does anyone recognize wright here the phrase came from and is it mostly a US based phrase?



It counts just how exactly you as looking for the expression, Dickey"s book is from 2007, not 2017. It says:

"Early is on time. On time is late" She nodded "And late is unacceptable"

But nopoint around "5 minutes".

And others sassist comparable points earlier, such as Spotlight on Teaching Orchestra (2005)

The saying "Early is on time, on time is late, and late is inexcusable" holds true for musicians

The Instrumentalist (1991) says:

Early is on time; on time is late

Letterman"s legislation of personal worldwide service (1990) says:

in Germany kind of you often hear the old Prussian army maxim, "Five minutes early on is on time."

In 1981, tright here was the book Noble House, which says:

"Five minutes at an early stage is on time"

But not the remainder of the phrase. This quote from the book was also in the 1981 Reader"s Digest variation.

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I mean the Cold War UNITED STATE armed forces worldwide visibility has actually codified this widespread perception to reflect UNITED STATE sources. Military society impacts locals to adopt the "hurry up and wait" way of life. So, though armed forces don"t originate the saying, they say their version the the majority of, hence making it the standard for lived in areas. And their version is affected by American resources.

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US military basic training in the 1990s taught this, but switched the order:

On time is late, five minutes beforehand is on time.

See more: Cis 141 #5 Fl A Field Is Also Called A ____., A Field Is Also Called A ____

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