Having unlocked and offered all of the anti-titan weapons in Titanloss I can tell you straight amethod which ones are the best. What"s I like around anti-titan tools is they"re fun to use and basic to unlock (all unlocked by level 33). The following short article discusses every one of the anti-titan tools and covers the pros and also cons of each.By currently, everyone knows that you"ve obtained your fundamental major tools which are ideal suited to pilots and also various other minions and also then you"ve gained your anti-titan weapons which are geared in the direction of Titans just. Whilst you have the right to rodeo another Titan and also usage your main weapon, just the anti-titan tools are efficient on the ground. You may likewise have actually discovered that utilizing your anti-titan weapon while doing a rodeo is a really negative move!Best to worst anti-titan tools...

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Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is unlocked at level 33 making it the last of the anti-titan weapons you"ll receive. But is it worth the wait? I"d have to say yes. It"s a hell of alot of fun and also once provided in the best instance, versus the right opponent, a professional pilot can devastate an enemy.Like the Titan Railgun and Arc Cannon weapons, the Charge Rifle needs charging prior to it fires. Once completely primed, it immediately fires an outstanding beam across the map. There"s no alternative to brief circuit the charge and fire a little quicker though, so a stable aim is essential to scoring straight hits versus enemy Titans. That"s the Charge Rifle"s just genuine weakness.
Overall the weapon is great fun to usage and outstanding to watch. A single blast against an enemy Titan will inflict some major damage making the challenge of achieving a perfect hit a worthwhile and also satisfying endeavor.ProsPowerfulAlot of funConsDirect hit requiredFairly slow-moving charge time

MAG Launcher

Unlocked at level 22, the MAG Launcher is a secure anti-titan weapon and one of the better choices when it comes to taking dvery own the mechanical beasts. Like the sidewinder, it"s extremely mobile but the distinction is that the MAG is much even more effective. It"s special grenades stick to the Titans armour making it basic to fire in the general direction of a Titan and let the grenades carry out the difficult work-related. The MAG Launcher is effective sufficient to make it worthwhile going one on one against an enemy Titan.I especially favor the MAG Launcher bereason you deserve to stay mobile, move quickly and avoid the enemy Titans fire. This is particularly true against enemy Titans equipped with the inexact Arc Cannon or Plasma Railgun.
Overall the MAG is my second choice against Titans. It"s a functional weapon that functions perfectly up cshed and from a distance, it"s additionally the kind of weapon you desire to usage through confidence that it"s going to do some worthwhile damages.Pros
Powerful enoughNo specific aim requiredMobile weaponConsSlow repack

Archer Heavy Rocket

The heavy rocket is an effective however slow-moving weapon. It"s lockon is accurate and also simple and direct hits will inflict some lasting damage to opponent Titans. On the down side, firing a rocket causes a smoke trail which is basic to recognize for both Titans and pilots. Titans will certainly likewise get audio and visual warnings while you attempt to lockon - hence highlighting your place for a simple kill.As with all weapons that need you to aim down the scope, you shed mobility and also awareness while you prep the Rocket launcher. To succeed through the rocket launcher, you have to use elevated positions and also protective cover to achieve repetitive lockons and killer strikes against various other Titans. Pros
Inflicts decent damageEasy lockon with no exact aim requiredGreat versus an escaping drop shipLong rangeConsSlow to reloadReveals your position too easilyLockon requiredEnemy titans receive audio and visual warning

Sidewinder AT-SMR

The sidewinder weapon fires tiny rockets via a fraction of a delay in between repeated trigger presses. The rockets inflict minimal damage to Titans however are instantly fired upon pushing the cause finger.

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The Sidewinder will serve you well for assists and also maybe finishing off a Titan that"s virtually doomed. But unfortunately it"s not powerful enough to end up a Titan prior to revealing your place on the map to foe pilots.On the plus side the sidewinder needs no lock on, is highly mobile and also it does not reveal your place to Titans prefer the Rocket does.Overall, I would certainly never before pick the Sidewinder over the other Anti-Titan tools.Pros
Highly mobileQuick fire rateConsFar too weak