WTF: this conserve counts on content that is no much longer present?

» Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:39 pm

After wrestling mainly uneffectively through Win10 issues, I finished up reinstalling both Steam and Skyrim, however currently as soon as I pack the game, I get the message pointed out over, and also substantial chunks of my game (residences, tools, companions, etc) are no longer tright here. I am at the exact same level and location as my last conserve, but some essential and aggravating-to-lose stuff is gone and I have no concept just how to get it back.

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I have not installed any type of mods or modified anypoint around the game various other than what I purchased initially, which had actually the Hearthfire, Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLCs had.

Any advice invited. Thanks.

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» Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:29 pm

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No, they are not. I noticed that they have the right to be purchased, which is annoying considering that I purchased them once I bought the game in the first area, however the DLCs did not get remounted once I reset up the game.

Did you buy the ultimate edition? The DLC are not located in the data directory?

Go into the Steam library and also best click SKyrim. Is there a DLC tab? Make sure the DLC are all checked.

Yep, bought the ultimate edition and also nope, the DLCs are not in the information magazine. Nor is tbelow a DLC tab once looking in the library.Part of the puzzle for me. The only Skyrim that was easily accessible for downloading and install as soon as I reinstalled was, I would think, the one I bought originally, however someexactly how the DLCs seem to have been peeled off in the procedure. I"m at the exact same level that I was on my last conserve, and also have all the skill points and also whatnot, yet am apparently absent items and also features that would have actually just been easily accessible with the DLCs. I have the right to always repurchase them, I guess, yet would sooner not spfinish the money just bereason, and am not sure obtaining new versions of the DLCs would certainly aid regain what I had actually.

I wonder if you can use the "http://www.nlinux.org/topic/1258133-installing-from-disc-instead-of-steam/" point to bump heavy steam a little on that? And probably you have to try posting on the steam forum around this, check out if their tech assistance can help you? Of course, if you bought the ultimate edition from vapor rather of on discs.... but still they have to have actually record that you did purchase every one of them.

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DId you buy directly from Steam or a disc? WHere did you purchase the game if not from Steam?

I would certainly indicate that you call Steam also. See what they tell you.

You want official assistance not the neighborhood forum. https://assistance.steampowered.com/

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