timeline Add to list Share. A timeline is a list of essential occasions arranged in the order in which they taken place. You can write out a timeline of Civil War battles when you’re researching for a huge history test.

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Can arrangement of events in the order in which they took area is called?

Chronology (In Greek Khronos indicates time and logos implies word/study) is the setup of occasions in the order of incident. In story-creating or narration, therefore, the plan of events in the sequence of occurrence is termed Chronological Order.

What is the effect of telling the occasions in the time of the soccer game in the order in which they happened?

Answer. The impact of informing the events during the soccer game in chronological order is that it helps the reader understand also what happened before the scene and the occasions in the excerpt.

Which sentence ideal fills in the empty she asks for the ball?

As per the question, the sentence that finest accomplishes the empty would certainly be ‘she asks for the ball’ i.e. choice A as it assists to keep the continuity along with the chronological order.

What is the effect of informing the occasions of this excerpt in the order in which they occur quizlet?

What is the result of informing the occasions of this excerpt in the order in which they happen? It enables the reader to suffer the occasions as they happen. details and relationships around the story’s events. message the text conveys around a topic.

What layout is argued by the speaker’s description of the man?

Answer: The answer to the question: What layout does the speaker´s summary of the guy assistance, is, aliecountry.

What is the denotative interpretation of fault lines?

The definition of a fault line is a break or fracture in the ground that occurs when the Earth’s tectonic plates move or change and also are locations wright here earthquakes are likely to happen. A break wbelow the Earth’s tectonic plates shifted that is a most likely site of an earthquake is an instance of a fault line.

What does faultline mean?

A fault line is a long crack in the surface of the earth. Earthquakes normally occur alengthy fault lines. 2. countable noun. A fault line in a mechanism or procedure is an area of it that seems weak and likely to cause difficulties or failure.

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Which claims carry out not get tornadoes?

Bottom ten states through the leastern tornadoes

Alaska – 0.Hawaii – 0.Rhode Island – 0.Delconscious – 1.Idaho – 1.Massachusetts – 1.New Hampshire – 1.Vermont – 1.
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