Where was the “Despacito” video filmed? That is the question thousands of tourists ask occupants from the neighborhood of La Perla in Puerto Rico day-to-day.

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I thrived up in Puerto Rico. If I told my parents “I am going to San Juan with my friends,” the answer that I gained earlier was: “Be cautious, and carry out not go to La Perla. It’s dangerous and world get eliminated every day.”

That supplied to take place ago in the "80s and also "90s once crime and also drugs were unstoppable, and also the battle in between occupants and the police was insane. Now, La Perla is a tourist hub. Who might have checked out that coming?

Truth is, the turnroughly started roughly four years back via Angel Marcano, who until 2 months back used to be the area’s neighborhood leader, and and an advocate for a brand-new La Perla. “I wanted to readjust La Perla’s photo. So, eextremely time we did somepoint positive I dubbed the push to let everybody know what we were doing,” he tells nlinux.org.

La Perla has always been an attrenergetic place, and also Luis Fonsi and also Daddy Yankee are far from the just artists to have filmed there. Years earlier, Residente shot a video (with Nelly Furtado) in the neighborhood, and Rubén Blades and Benicio del Toro are some superstars who have actually done jobs there.

Yesterday, for initially time in my life, I went dvery own to LaPerla, to do what everybody calls “TheDespacitoTour.” It was among the best experiences of my life.




Not long ago, Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricarcarry out Rosselló, asserted the nation bankrupt in order to reframework a $70 billion debt. However, Luis Fonsi and also Daddy Yankee"s global smash has actually aroused the interest of international tourists that desire to acquire to know the place where the superstars were born, providing the nation and also neighborhood the hope of prospering culturally. To date, yet, Puerto Rico’s Tourism Company has not taken action to join this motion, and so they don’t have actually yet an accurate report on tourists visiting La Perla.

All initiatives have actually been done by residents, who are functioning to carry out the ideal they can. For instance, the residences look much better than in the video, children hcurrently ave a skate park that on weekends becomes a pool, and also even one resident painted Puerto Rico’s flag where eincredibly visitor stops to take a photo. They are turning the community into a tourist area.

“I would prefer to have actually the Tourism Company affiliated with us, bereason Puerto Rico has actually global artists that other nations are using to promote their nations," Daddy Yankee says.

“Puerto Rico is the true protagonist of this song and this video,” Luis Fonsi created on an Instagram write-up, last month. “I congratulate the citizens of La Perla neighborhood for joining in this initiative,” he included on avarious post.

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This week, Fonsi and Daddy Yankee"s "Despacito," featuringJustin Bieber, proceeds apeak ofSongs of the Summerchart. It likewise got to its 26th week at No. 1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart, and also tied for the longest-running nlinux.org Hot 100, via its 12th week on height.