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Playing games on your PS4 have the right to be a fun method to spend your free time, however what happens when the console throws various error messperiods your way?This content cannot be selected at this time is just one of the a lot of widespread error messperiods that a PS4 user might be motivated through out of the blue.

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On your PS4‘s house screen, pick Settings, then go to Account Management. Once you’re tright here, pick the Resave Licenses option and confirm your selection if crucial.

It’s not a guaranteed deal with, but if there’s some mismatch on your console, this idea should settle it.

3. Access the PS Store from the PS4 dashboard

Reportedly, many kind of individuals get this error once trying to access or purchase PS Store content in-game. For circumstances, if you’ve purchased (or desire to purchase) DLCs for some of your games, you may attempt to accessibility them from within the game.

If you’re encountering the abovementioned error, try long-pressing the PS button and also accessing the PS Store from the PlayStation dashboard. If that doesn’t occupational, try cshedding the game, then go to the dashboard Store app once more.

4. Be patient

Sometimes, PS Store content is made accessible ahead of schedule, however not accessible. For instance, some US Assassin’s Creed fans were disappointed when the Hidden Ones DLC was a bit delayed (at leastern on their side), albeit available in the keep.

Other times, because of fan enthusiasm, PS Store servers just provide up. Usually, in the time of a server outage, you might not have the ability to accessibility the PS Store altogether, but it’s not uncommon for specific content (such as DLCs) to end up being inaccessible throughout these occasions.

In this case, your ideal choice would be to wait. Be patient and also try accessing the content a little later, if feasible.

5. Use a VPN

Change the PSN nation & area on your PS4

This is rather an extreme measure, as it involves developing a new PSN account. And we all know that switching accounts is not precisely a good meacertain, especially if you invested a lot of time in your account.

Want to readjust your PSN nation & region on PS4? Check out our overview and learn just how to carry out it.

However before, if you have a VPN and also desire to view if the This content cannot be selected at this time error is pudepend regional, this is an excellent method to check.

If you have the right to confirm that the error is indeed concerned your region, simply go back to step 4 and repeat it as crucial.

Final thoughts on solving the This content cannot be selected at this time error

All things considered, if you encounter the This content cannot be selected at this time error, don’t fret. More often than not, the error is pucount regional, definition that you’ll have to wait for it to pass.

Other times, just powering off your PS4 and also switching it earlier on have the right to save you from many headaches.

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Last, yet not least, if you’re really determined to discover out what’s wrong, you could use a VPN and create an account making use of a different area. It won’t solve your worry if you care around your old account, yet will absolutely provide some valuable insight.